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Hi Jupiter, thanks for having a look. :)

Thanks for having a look at the game, Jupiter. :)

Thanks for commenting, GcoMember! The screen before the title should be Game Maker's splash screen which gets attaches to every game exported from free version. It should be visible for several seconds, and the duration cannot be influenced by game creators.

Oops, somehow managed to delete my reply. But I was saying this sounds like a lot of bookkeeping. With the amount of data and all the relations, I'd almost rather do a SQL database than a bunch of arrays or similar for it.

Sounds like flags would be a good way to go about it. Each interesting action (experience) needs its own flag. It is raised when the character performs the action. Every NPC has a subset of actions flagged as interesting to them, and has a certain action attached. When the character has raised a flag, it will appear on their dialogue options. The harder question is how to add some dialogue options they are actually not interested in, you cannot add all experiences the character has had or players will quickly tire of scrolling through miles of options.

Yes, exactly. Clickers require much larger numbers than can comfortably fit into GameMaker's variables, so all numbers and maths use arrays. In fact, a substantial part of the jam's timeframe was used to code and refine that functionality, as I hadn't done anything like that before.

Nice catch, thanks for reporting this! Fixed in 1.2.1 release. (Technical details: number-to-array convertor that runs on startup added extra leading zero to numbers that had a length divisible by three, and array to array multiplications with specific numbers would preserve the zero, leading to price format the code was not prepared to handle.)

Hi, thanks for reporting this! Fixed this on V1.11 (technicals: the building's upgrades array's length is now properly recognised before array is operated on).

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The game as planned isn't very large really - except for the time I ended up having - but I've been doing a modular approach, completely finishing one system or aspect before switching to next. Because of that many of them are still underdeveloped. Most critically, graphics are for the most part placeholders (like black box stand-ins for many enemies) and boss battle code hasn't been started yet. If necessary, I'll avoid jumping into other long jams until the game is done.

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My schedules have worked against me this month so it looks clear by now that I won't be able to finish the game by the deadline, so I'll be releasing it at a later date. And maybe add a feature or two I wasn't originally planning to include.

It hardly has been in vain though. Doing a bigger project has been a learning experience, and I've coded some systems that no doubt will be useful in other projects. For one, a system that tracks any number of guards along any number of patrol routes, and spawns them onscreen while they share a room with player. For another, an object interaction system. I managed to reduce it into a single function, so objects just need to be setup with variables detailing requirements and outcomes, and custom text, and the interaction system takes care of the rest.

Hopefully next month I'll have more time to use on jams.

Haha, that was quite a show! Thanks for having a look at the game!

GameMaker Studio is another platform that's pretty easy to use for 2D games. Personally though I don't think learning a new system while working against a deadline is the best of ideas; you may want to stick to what you know - unless you want to take that as a challenge to overcome.

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I'll be participating in the jam, but mostly solo because I'm not yet sure I can turn my idea into a game, and turn it into a game that is fun. Except for music; I'll either scour Creative Commons, or look to team up with someone who can do fantasy-themed chiptunes. (For me, a chiptune especially is that C64 SID sound like for example here.)

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Hi iwanPlays, thanks for checking the game out and doing a LP. Looks like you also discovered a bug; when you kill the brigand he's trying to release the captured peasant, but he no longer exists because the wolf killed him. I'm not sure if I should publish new versions during a jam's voting period though, even if its just a patch. Also, an interesting observation about the roads. They probably should be adjusted anyway, as I've started thinking them running so close to screen edges is somewhat unfair.