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Cannot find game in search & browse

A topic by Troublesum created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 1,078 Replies: 14
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I've uploaded my game to itch about a month or so ago and i'm unable to find it in search and browse. Currently the game is in development and I have the "Disable new downloads & purchases" checked off. An also have it so anyone can view my page but when I search for my game I can't seem to find it.  Can games that are being developed still be viewed or do they have to be published with a downloadable file in order for people to find the page in search and browse?

You might have accidentally checked the "Unlisted in search & browse" box. It's at the bottom of the edit page, clicking the link "Configure settings..." near "Public".

"Unlisted in search & browse" has always been unchecked.

Still haven’t been able to figure out what the issue is. Anyone have any ideas?


Did you figure it out? If not, tell me which game it is and I can take a closer look.

Here are some common issues people run into:

  • Games without cover images won't be shown, add an image
  • Games without files aren't shown in search right now
  • If you make your game NFSW then it only appears for people that have NSFW enabled on their account
  • New paid games may enter an additional review period, but we generally review those daily

Here's the link -

The only thing I can think of is that I have "Disable new downloads & purchases" checked off, but there are some game files, it has cover photos and its not NFSW and I also have "No payments" selected. However its still doesn't show up on the search list.

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I've had a similar problem with the search; not all partials and tags seem to get found. Some of my jam entires appear to be difficult to find in certain ways, and I recall having trouble finding a thing or two unless I spelled it out in full. (As far as I have gathered, that will find anything you're looking for.)

If you disable downloads, I assume it is read as having no files. A game in the store, Cultist Simulator, seems to have disabled downloads until full release, and isn't coming up in search.

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The same problem. I am unable to find my game. Tried to search being logged in and from an incognito page, search by the game name, by the account name, by a tag and by tag combinations. It is especially obvious then you choose 3 tags at once and the result page contains just about 100 games.

It's unfair.

UPD. It's working now. Thanks for your help (even if you didn't do anything)!

I'm experiencing the same issue with my game The Adventures of a Hero, its a paid 1 dollar game but its been 9 hours since I published it and it still hasn't shown up on the site.

Oh I can not see my game on browse. it is called Forbidden Story

I  cant seem to find my game as well. Link:


Hi! As soon as I unchecked "Disable new downloads & purchases", my games appeared in the search.

Hi! I have uploaded this unity project (asset), it is paid and  has been published, but I can only check the page using my account, if someone else clicks the link it goes to a page saying something like "this page doesnt exist 404". I don't know what is the problem can someone help?

By the way, this is the link to the page:


Double-check the visibility settings at the bottom of the Edit Game page. Most likely it's not set to Public.

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