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Sorry, I haven't had enough time to add proper menus yet, but they shouldn't be necessary. You can set the quality before starting the game, Vsync should be enabled by default. There's no need to crouch or mess with the volume, since both the sound effects and the music are part of the environment.

El arte lateral debería cubrirlo todo, pero dices que te salen arriba y abajo? Si en 16:9 solo debería sobrarte pantalla a los lados. Podrías pasarme una imagen?

Tu equipo es demasiado poco potente , la inteligencia artificial consume bastantes recursos.

La lié al subir la última build. Si te lo vuelves a bajar funcionará.

Recuerdas qué modo de juego era?

Someone who is looking specifically for my game would probably type the whole name, if they can remember it, but I believe someone who is looking for museum games should also be able to find it by just typing "museum".

I know when I'm looking for a specific game on (or any other platform), unless the name is short and easy, I'm unlikely to type it all.

Yes, I would expect people searching for "museum" to find my game. Also, as a user, I expect to find games with the word "museum" in the title when I search for it, followed by games which include it in the description, certainly before games that neither are museums nor contain that word anywhere. I also assumed that if there's no pagination it's because there are no more results, not because they are limited to a single page.

Anyway, I don't know if you made some changes already, but my game is showing now.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, it already has a Museum tag; doesn't seem to have any effect unless searching by tag.

I have the same problem as nanimonull. I have a game called "Majorariatto Museum" that shows up if you search the full name, but doesn't if you search for just "museum", even though a ton of games that don't even have the word "museum" on the title show up.

Can we get an answer as why does this happen? Is there anything we can do to fix it?

Confusing but very cool.

Quick and fun to play, with an awesome presentation.

How do you reach the higher right area on level 3? I got stuck there.

I just played and beat it too. Score: 755.
It was fun, and great visuals!

You might have accidentally checked the "Unlisted in search & browse" box. It's at the bottom of the edit page, clicking the link "Configure settings..." near "Public".

Am I doing something wrong or when creating bulk keys it doesn't give you the option to require the keys to be claimed? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of making keys in bulk?

Also, when downloading the txt with all of them, they are all in a single string, which seems not very convenient.

Wow, great concept for something so simple. Does the game have an ending?

Wow, congratulations!

My name's Alva Majo and I'm a Spanish indie dev. I publish games from my studio account Majorariatto. I love, but I haven't managed to find a public  here, so I'd like to use this opportunity to try and get some of you interested.

Here's 10 free download links for my game Majotori, a narrative trivia with +96% positive reviews on Steam:

In case you don't manage to get one key, you might want to know that Majotori will be at a 50% discount next week to celebrate it's anniversary.

I'm also launching a new game next week, March 28, titled Golfing Over It with Alva Majo, so check it out!

OK, thanks!

I would like the public price on my games' pages to be the final one, and I'm willing to take the cut of the tax difference to achieve so.
I mean, if for a certain user the game is $10 + 20% taxes = $12, I'd like the price of the game to be reduced on checkout to $8.3 + 20% taxes = $10, so I get less money but everyone ends up paying the same $10.

I don't see an option to do so at the moment. Would you be interested in adding something like that in the future?

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Just saying but no one has looped the game legally yet, not even me, so YOU could be the first one.

Edit: Too late now, someone did it!

Distilled video game essence. Great job. I actually like that it's short.

Tried to give you a couple of dollars but Paypal seems to not be working. Will try again later.