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It's beautiful :) I played this game with my daughter. I'd only personally wish if it's possible to speed up cut scenes.

Third place guaranteed

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I was able to jump onto the left wall (about 2/3 of its height) and then jump over the wall :) There are gray screens, and first you can walk on them, but then, if you go to the left further, you start falling infinitely  :)

The game is fun however :)

Hi there!

There are a lot of changes to the game since last post!

Update 0.4.6: Player textures update. Bloody shroud when the player is injured. Miscellaneous UI changes.

Update 0.4.7: Fixed ranged weapons balanse. Reworked wall textures.

Update 0.4.8:  Updated skeleton melee animations.

Update 0.4.9: Added skeleton ranged attacks.

Update 0.4.10 : Added player's trait selection on level up. Added more traits. Improved action panel UI.

And last but not least, the game demo is now available for Linux (as well as for Windows)!

Please download and enjoy! :3

Bonus. Video about one insanely buffed skeleton running through stages:

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The Labb is top-down 2D rouguelite game, with tactical and realtime play modes. The demo version includes dungeon levels full of rats, snakes and spiders.

There were several update last weeks!

Update 0.4.2: added unindentified (randomized) potions and possibility to identify them.

Update  0.4.3: updated dungeon and coin textures, improved excessive items handling .

Update 0.4.4: introduced fullscreen mode, improved UI, updated ranged weapon and ammo textures and fixed the poleaxe.

Update 0.4.5: introduced perks and tomes, added antidot potion, added status duration indication.

Please enjoy! :3

Shattered Realms community · Created a new topic Feedback

I think, it's a great game! Even the enemies can make combos, that's good!

But you need to add some finishing moves, i.e. when a foe is on the ground, the player should be able to kick/punch that enemy somehow.

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Hi there!

I added a devlog post about 2 hors ago, but it have not appeared in the global list. I can see 1, 2 and 3 hour old posts, but there is no my post.

Just in case I use incognito browser mode.

The post is published, has a picture, the game is free, published, has a pixture, not unlisted and does not have restricted content.

What am I doing wrong?

UPD. Suddenly it started to work. Thank you (even if you didn't do anything)!

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The same problem. I am unable to find my game. Tried to search being logged in and from an incognito page, search by the game name, by the account name, by a tag and by tag combinations. It is especially obvious then you choose 3 tags at once and the result page contains just about 100 games.

It's unfair.

UPD. It's working now. Thanks for your help (even if you didn't do anything)!

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Hey the game looks promising. But how to take that sword from the floor? :)

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The Labb  is a roguelite game which can be played in one of two modes - tactical and realtime.

The alpha version only includes a couple of locations - to demonstrate main game mechanics.

And we continue to add more mechanics and content.

This is the very first public game release, please be merciful :3