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Yep, I use the client app.

Perhaps you should add .itch.toml file to your distribution :) https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/manifest.html

There are two .exe files, so (probably) the itch app is unable to choose one to start.

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Hi there!

I got some troubles with the game installation. When I  press the "Install" button, the itch app starts loading the game, but once the loading is complete, the button goes back to the "Install" state. What am I doing wrong?

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The Labb is top-down 2D rouguelite game, with tactical and realtime play modes. The demo version includes dungeon levels full of rats, snakes and spiders.

There were several update last weeks!

Update 0.4.2: added unindentified (randomized) potions and possibility to identify them.

Update  0.4.3: updated dungeon and coin textures, improved excessive items handling .

Update 0.4.4: introduced fullscreen mode, improved UI, updated ranged weapon and ammo textures and fixed the poleaxe.

Update 0.4.5: introduced perks and tomes, added antidot potion, added status duration indication.

Please enjoy! :3


Created a new topic Feedback

I think, it's a great game! Even the enemies can make combos, that's good!

But you need to add some finishing moves, i.e. when a foe is on the ground, the player should be able to kick/punch that enemy somehow.

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Hi there!

I added a devlog post about 2 hors ago, but it have not appeared in the global list. I can see 1, 2 and 3 hour old posts, but there is no my post.

Just in case I use incognito browser mode.

The post is published, has a picture, the game is free, published, has a pixture, not unlisted and does not have restricted content.

What am I doing wrong?

UPD. Suddenly it started to work. Thank you (even if you didn't do anything)!

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The same problem. I am unable to find my game. Tried to search being logged in and from an incognito page, search by the game name, by the account name, by a tag and by tag combinations. It is especially obvious then you choose 3 tags at once and the result page contains just about 100 games.

It's unfair.

UPD. It's working now. Thanks for your help (even if you didn't do anything)!

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Hey the game looks promising. But how to take that sword from the floor? :)

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The Labb  is a roguelite game which can be played in one of two modes - tactical and realtime.

The alpha version only includes a couple of locations - to demonstrate main game mechanics.

And we continue to add more mechanics and content.

This is the very first public game release, please be merciful :3