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RPG Maker can be used to make visual novels. I'd suggest looking up both the tags for RPG Maker and visual novel here on (it will let you do this) and judge for yourself whether your idea is similar to any of what you see.  

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Hey all, I'm actually between two ideas and was thinking maybe teaming up might help. Usually I use RPG Maker, but I'm leaning towards using CloudNovel for this just because I'm not entirely sure I'll be at my computer all the time (but I do have ways to get online easily)

The first idea I'm considering is a side story I've been considering working on from this design document (it's in Madison's character description; the story explanation goes over the beginning. I have worked on the beginning story, but it's not near finished)

The other is one I don't have any design doc for yet, but is another side story to one I've been writing out (I do have designs for some of the characters, though since I have a doc for the other already I'm leaning more toward it, though I'll probably have to redo a lot) 

I'm looking for specifically a character artist because even though I drew the art in the design doc, those designs were also mostly traced (by zooming in extremely and drawing individual lines, but apparently to a lot of people that makes it bad art) 

I can do GUI and for backgrounds I can do decent image composites (which should cover the rest of the graphics pretty much)

I also wouldn't mind having a musician as well, though I do have a lot of music and sounds already for use in projects that I've gotten over the years.

Edit: I should add, I'm always open to doing trades (like I'd be very open to doing UI for a project you want work done on, or writing for you in exchange for your help)

I don't know how useful they'd be to anyone here, but I have some surrealist backgrounds (these cost just slightly) and various UI stuff (these are completely free)

Slight change of plans; I may need some help. I think I can handle it, though with everything else going on right now that may not be the best course. 

The problem is I don't feel all that confident in my drawing ability. Like said, I can probably handle it and even have stand ins made using Mannequin (They're still not quite right, but they look a little less generic than the ones that come with RPG Maker's packs)  I have added some more characters, but I could probably get away with only having the 2 guys I mentioned (and even down to about 2-3 emotions) if I really have to. If anyone's interested I'd be open to trading since I know how long art can take. I can help write (depending on the content; there are some things that make me uncomfortable) As I mentioned above, I can kind of do UIs (I'm not exactly that great at implementing them and I need to work a bit on creating them) I've also tinkered a bit with Ren'Py so I do know how the coding for that works, even though I haven't done much with it. I'm not going to be able to code anything from scratch, but I do know how it's setup and how to setup a game using it.

I added the character sprites and stand in art to the design doc if anyone want to take a look ( it's available here; it's still a bit of a mess and I don't have everything in it yet)  

My Discord is lemongreen#3095 if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading, even if you can't help. I hope your projects go well.

Hey all. If anyone else wants to share their ideas or what they have going on, feel free to. I just wanted to share my idea (plus have a place to post updates since I haven't fully settled on a title, yet)

I possibly could just work on the game I did for 2016 (that feels so long ago now) which I may still since it's had a lot changed since then, but I doubt I'll complete it in that time. Instead, what I plan on really focusing on is a crafting/farming game with more of a friendship theme than romance (though I'm sure people could read romance into it, anyway) 

I'm already planning on only putting in 2 guys (not counting the player) for now, and I'm leaning towards making it mostly quest based, with each guy having different likes and dislikes (If I have time I may even add a way for the player to choose theirs at the start of the game along with naming the character)

I haven't decided on whether I'll be mapping out a town or just leaving it as a sort of visual novel style (on my todo list I have it that I will map it out, though I think that's more as long as the framework for everything comes together, Visual novel would be slightly easier with such a small scope, though I also want to have a shop the player can access)

I'm leaning towards not having combat, though if there is it'll probably be fairly simple; either a front view system or an ABS.  

I'm going with using a fairly simplistic pixel art style for the graphics (I'm used to using RPG Maker, and I thought the DS/Fez packs would work fairly well for this. I may edit the character sprites to be just a bit taller, though) I did mess with them a bit, though didn't edit anything yet. I haven't settled on any of the characters, and may just edit them myself.

Just to be clear, I'm not asking for help (don't really do well in teams, not really sure why)  Though, I do have some UIs I've done if that's useful to anyone. I also have a mic (unfortunately I'm female, though I'm about in a soprano range so I could possibly sound like a young male) Unfortunately, I don't have any recording with my current mic, but I do have a Casting Call Club profile.

Yeah, it should not be able to do that. Do you know your version of Windows and your graphics card? I'm not sure if I can do much on my end, but I'll still try to look into it. The only thing I can think of is maybe there's something going on with the rendering (MV isn't really build for 3D so I wouldn't be surprised)

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It should not be able to do that at all. Is there any other steps leading up to that you're leaving out (or are you sure you commented on the right game)? 

I used the ceiling texture for the page background; if you're not seeing that then it's a wall.

Also, pressing down doesn't turn, it just moves back (I can add that, though either are common)

Got it to work, but feels very incomplete still (plus I kept walking through walls and I don't think the enemies do anything)

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Okay, sounds to me like you're trying to export to multiple different platforms. My suggestion would be to focus on ONE at a time till you get it uploaded and working (otherwise you'll get extremely lost in all the different steps) If you need help, the official forums ( has TONS of tutorials (and more people who understand the engine) that probably cover what you're looking for (or a quick search on youtube, since you said you prefer video) Just looking on the forums there's one thread on android deployment stickyed in the MV section (I think it's one I looked at, but never really followed through with because my android device at the time really wasn't that powerful) and on youtube there's tons of videos just from looking up MV + deployment. 

You can't really expect other people to figure this out for you, unfortunately, and nobody is going to make a tutorial just because you ask (especially when there already are tons if you do a proper search; I'm sure there are even some on Steam as well)

Edit: also when zipping files in a folder you zip the folder, NOT individual files. If you zip the indivdual files the game isn't going to play because it'll think the files are now missing (though I hope you already figured that part out)

Yeah, that's not entirely helpful, but the demo is a bit of a mess (not so much just due to bugs, ether; there's little optimisation and the balancing is horrible. I'm really only using maybe a quarter of what I used in it, and even that's a generous estimate) I'm not really working from that build anymore, but I'm pretty sure that was setup as a common event that's only supposed to run right after interacting with the bot, so I don't know how it could start looping like that (though you really only need to press one key to activate the effect, so I might have accidentally mapped the other to the tutorial on accident... that's the only thing I can think of) I can try to check from a slightly newer build that isn't quite the same, but at least has the same events still (the project I'm currently working from is completely changed because I decided to rework a lot of the story)

I've already decided to redo a good portion of that section, so that may fix a lot of your issues, though I'm not sure what you mean by "her ability". Are you talking about the on map ability? Because that's actually Ardien's ability and I believe I had it fade to black there FOR the animation (so that ISN'T a bug; that's a kind of screen transition that you are confusing for a bug. It is supposed to do that) 

As to the sounds, I'm considering removing the things making those sounds even though there's already options in the settings to turn sounds down (I thought it might be an interesting effect, but it does get annoying) I know that isn't really a solution, but I'm not really planning on releasing another demo (I've already stated this in the devlogs) I'd rather just focus on finishing it right now, which may take a fairly long time (just to be realistic)

Veyrra is a Sci-fi RPG that I've been working on expanding since 2016. I have pretty much most of the story figured out at this point, though I don't have a script written out in full (this is more due to the fact that my original idea was to make the game be a bit more branching so a lot of the scenes would have to be done multiple ways. This has gotten to be extremely complicated and I'm now leaning more towards only a few branching paths)

The problem I'm currently running into is I need character art, but can't seem to keep an artist for the project. I wouldn't mind paying, though I can't pay an extremely high amount (probably about $5-20 per character/pose, though payment might have to be spread out. This can be debated) I have a google doc with past portraits I've used and current sprite art I'm using here. (The sprite art is fairly new; I took some time recently to put new sprites together) and a longer character list on the devlog here (the only addition there is Midori, and I'm not sure if I'll be using a portrait for him or not)

At this point the style doesn't really matter that much, I just really want to get this project done.

If you want to help out either reply to this post or contact me via discord @lemongreen#3095

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 Decided to go with the futuristic dystopian story focused on the characters in it (I can get it done with less graphs in case I don't find an interested artist).  There's also a few things that I know I can't do that well on my own.

Sprites/CGs: I can kind of draw myself, but not well. The dystopian story I could probably get away with not using sprites, though the total important character list is probably going to be around 6-8 (though chances are only 4 would be in CGs).  Backgrounds I can composite edit from stock, though that doesn't really make for the best looking stuff (not that that matters for a game jam) I'm pretty decent at making UI assets on my own, though.

Coding: I can do enough coding to get by, but I'm still not at the point where I can figure out how to write long lines of it. ) The dystopian story I'm leaning towards having a morality and simple quest or chapter system. It'll probably be using renpy (though I'm using cloudnovel right now due to working off of two different computers and I'd like to get a good working visual done as soon as possible)

Music:  is covered (I think)

You can contact me through discord (username: lemongreen#3095) or my email; I'll probably see it sooner.

Thank you, and hope your game making goes well.

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Just to be completely up front, this is a personal project. I do want to try to release it publicly, but I don't plan on charging for it (not even  for donations)  It'll be my first game using Ren'Py (I've messed around with it a few times) I'm currently trying to make everything myself, though this has seriously shown me where my deficiencies are. The backgrounds so far have all been composites I put together from stock photos (I wanted to try to give a different style) and the sprites are traced from other game assets (I know the feeling behind doing this, which is why I would like to ask for help)

I know art isn't something people like giving out for free, and I am open to doing a  trade if possible. I can write and edit (only English, though I'm learning other languages; I'm not yet comfortable writing in them) I have an okay grasp on UI design (I need to learn a little more coding) I'm pretty good at tile mapping (I know that's not really useful for VNs, but I was using RPG Maker before) I also know some video editing, and can do decent photo manipulation. I can also try to do voice acting (I bought a decent microphone for this, but haven't gotten around to doing much with it yet)  If any of this interests you let me know and we can work something out.

In case you want to read more in-depth, I do have somewhat of a design doc here (it's a bit of a mess)

For the people who don't want to click a link, the game setting is a noir steampunk fantasy loosely based on classic fiction. I've pretty much settled on the characters (there are 9 total with 2 being similar looking twins with small variations between them)  I'm open to taking critique (especially from people I'm going to be working with) 

  If you want to help you can contact me via Discord: (lemongreen#3095) or email (

I haven't really thought much on that. As long as you credit me (just lemongreen is fine) and at the very least I get a copy when it's done I don't see why not. I'll be sure to edit that into the description since I'm sure others will want to know that at some point as well (especially if I ever do get around to adding more, since I now have ones setup for 720p)

Not yet; I'm working on redoing the battle system right now (along with a lot of the menus) but the story is probably 60-75% implemented. I'm hoping that as long as none of the new scripting breaks any existing systems that it'll be finished sometime around June or July, though that's still just a very rough estimate.

Just a note for the dev: for some reason there's a superscript 3 where the l in the Title image name is supposed to be; since the graphic folder wasn't encripted I just went in and changed it myself, but that's one of the first times I've run into something like that from an RPG Maker project.

I fixed that already; if you'll notice there's a slight admened to the upload page already explaining that this was brought up to me. Just download the exe again and it'll be fixed

Hey, sorry about not posting this sooner (things have been a lot more hectic than I expected over the last few months)

Anyway, I've only worked with 2D using RPG Maker (I own pretty much all the official translated ones) and have pretty good editing skills when it comes to assets (I've pretty much taught myself Photoshop at this point) I'm also a fairly decent writer if needed.

I also know at least basic coding syntax for a few different languages (not enough to actually code anything myself yet, but I've gotten fairly good at at least being able to read and edit scripts if I have to) The only major hitch I can think of is Unity doesn't run very well on my computer (if any team that might want me wants to use that) but I could probably find a way around that.