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[Free/Trade][Art] sprites for free mystery horror VN

A topic by lemongreen created May 22, 2019 Views: 138
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Just to be completely up front, this is a personal project. I do want to try to release it publicly, but I don't plan on charging for it (not even  for donations)  It'll be my first game using Ren'Py (I've messed around with it a few times) I'm currently trying to make everything myself, though this has seriously shown me where my deficiencies are. The backgrounds so far have all been composites I put together from stock photos (I wanted to try to give a different style) and the sprites are traced from other game assets (I know the feeling behind doing this, which is why I would like to ask for help)

I know art isn't something people like giving out for free, and I am open to doing a  trade if possible. I can write and edit (only English, though I'm learning other languages; I'm not yet comfortable writing in them) I have an okay grasp on UI design (I need to learn a little more coding) I'm pretty good at tile mapping (I know that's not really useful for VNs, but I was using RPG Maker before) I also know some video editing, and can do decent photo manipulation. I can also try to do voice acting (I bought a decent microphone for this, but haven't gotten around to doing much with it yet)  If any of this interests you let me know and we can work something out.

In case you want to read more in-depth, I do have somewhat of a design doc here (it's a bit of a mess)

For the people who don't want to click a link, the game setting is a noir steampunk fantasy loosely based on classic fiction. I've pretty much settled on the characters (there are 9 total with 2 being similar looking twins with small variations between them)  I'm open to taking critique (especially from people I'm going to be working with) 

  If you want to help you can contact me via Discord: (lemongreen#3095) or email (

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