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Make a game that uses classic or modern fairy tales. Or, create a new one altogether. The game can be a key scene or the entire story. Please self rate the game as Kid, Teen, or Adult.

For the world--

Video games are a budding medium to which Fairy Tales have yet to get a game jam. Game jams in general focus on game play more so than story. This Jam seeks to combine both. Things to consider: How can games retell or make relevant the morals of the past as they apply or may not apply today? Themes found in fairy tales range from sex, sexism, and social class and were used to teach children how the world worked.

For the creator--

Like the old character design class where creators have to redesign a classic story, this will help creators tell classic or new stories in new different ways possibly from design to game play. Be as kid friendly or adult specific you would like to be.

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A bit of warmth goes a long way.
Visual Novel
Explore a trove of fairytales.
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An adventure fairytale game
A new take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale
Visual Novel
Beauty and the Beast themed Dating Sim
Cool blick is cool. he always wanted you to be cool
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WIP with a grim ending.
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