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My name is Fallon, I make games and say they're made by Crazy Knuckles Productions, but it's really just me.

I made an interactive novel called The Ceramic Uncertainty in Twine; it's my first release (which you can find here on itch)!

I've spent 3 years learning game development independently. I like writing, design, and using Twine, but I'm really passionate about music composition (I tour and play live music for a living) and programming in Fusion 2.5. I'm always making prototypes and thinking about making games with other folks, but have no real desire to make games alone.

I'm trying to find folks who like to make games. Not just for collaborative purposes, but in general. I'm from a small town in North Idaho and while I've found some friends here and there who've taken slight interest in dev stuff, I know no-one who is really passionate about it on a personal level besides myself... I like to have fun with games, but I do take them very seriously as art :)

Fave games (in no particular order): Super Metroid (I have a Metroid tattoo!), Proteus, Telltale's The Walking Dead, Smash Bros. (all of 'em, especially Sm4sh & Melee), Metroid Prime, Super Meat Boy, Super Mario World, & Dropsy.