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Buddy your attitude is very unwelcome here. The ship is presented in a harmless, non-sexualized manner with both characters pretty arguably child-coded. If something in a jam game like this makes you uncomfortable for nuanced reasons that's okay to voice, but you can't voice it by harassing the dev over multiple comments and insulting others involved in the jam. This is your one and only warning to be civil about your disagreements if you want to comment or rate in these jams in the future. You can also message me or another host privately if you have concerns about these kinds of things.

Edit: I removed your first comment about it since it was just the same accusation, but leaving this one as a warning.

This game looks like it had a lot of content I wasn't able to make it to, but the lack of really understanding what I need to do besides not retrace my step made that hard unfortunately. It seems like there were a lot of rules, options, and complications right off the bat, so maybe it would have benefited from being a lot simpler and self-explanatory. I can't fully judge since I couldn't see any of the dialogue, but it looks like there's a lot of effort put in so I'll judge based on that as well. Nice work!

Maybe one day I'll get VR. Or maybe one day you guys will learn. But the former is probably more likely.

Oh interesting, a randomly generated endless runner that's also a collectathon of sorts. As fun as this idea was though I feel like the way it's mashed up could be improved. The game doesn't enforce any fast pace, so you might as well meticulously try and collect the mask that's onscreen, so in that regard it feels like a collectathon but it loses that charm when you have to retry the level after one mistake (and since you can't go backwards). And dying happens pretty easily because sometimes you aren't even sure where you'll be landing and whether it's safe. A more zoomed-out camera may have helped that a lot. But yeah, this was a good idea to make into a little game, and it could definitely be improved by focusing on what pacing you want to go for (fast or slow). Good work!

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Oh don't worry about it haha. I'm just giving my own perspective on it since you gave yours. I've been in lots of game jams, and most of the time it's really hard to keep the theme at the forefront of development so I always prefer using it as a diving board instead of a bible and focusing on making a good game. And in our specific case since our game has a sense of humor we just decided to be tongue-in-cheek about the gay stuff and enjoy ourselves. By no means do you have to follow my opinion on this, so sorry if it seemed like that was where I'm coming from, it's important for everyone to add in their perspective. I'm just letting you know that from a host's perspective I don't want anyone to feel like they're not using the theme "enough", and that's my own thing. It also helps me argue that adding LGBT rep to a game is really easy no matter what your background is haha.

So FYI since I see you fixing game bugs in the comments. You generally aren't allowed to do that until ratings are over in 15 hours, to be fair to the other jammers, but since your game is entirely story-based I'll allow you to only add in changes that fix bugs preventing the player from progressing. I did mention before to only add  translation and not change things, so please don't do anything else besides fixing progression bugs and doing translations without asking me about it.

Anyway, review time now that I can understand it: I was blockaded from progressing eventually but I liked how this was building up. It's an interesting story that I'd definitely like to see revisited after the ratings period. It's nice to relax and spend some time in Gensokyo as an RPG setting, and the plot it was building up seemed interesting, so hopefully I can find some time to come back to this even though I'm really busy right now.

So I didn't know there was a copy ability going on until I read the description after playing, which confused me because nothing seemed to be different the whole time. Either way, this jam has some cute looking artwork and interesting enemy designs, and I really dig how some of the music gets remixed at later levels, but I've got a handful of nitpicks. For one thing, Kokoro moves painfully slow, particularly when trying to jump since you have to be right near the end of the platform.  The enemies were pushovers until the boss stage so it didn't really feel like I was being prepared for it beforehand, despite that probably being the intention. The cat enemy was a little overboard too, and I was only able to sort of guess how to outmaneuver it. Also it's particularly odd how the enemies flash and then get hurt, including the player. If you wanted the enemies to pose a  threat for longer, making them take two hits would probably communicate better to the player. Also the presentation had some issues like music jumping in volumes between tracks and the background cutting off and looping in strange ways

I got to Koishi the third time and nothing happened so I guess I finished it? Either way, this had some nice ideas and was probably held back by a lot of time constraints but it was a very good jam effort so nice job!

Doesn't seem like there was any end to it or way to lose but that was really fun! I especially love the visuals and the presentation of the attacks. There's nice effects and feedback everywhere, and I love seeing Marisa go absolutely over-the-top and zoom around the screen to do all sorts of shenanigans and fire bullets. The idea of an open-space fast-paced danmaku game is presented super well here and I loved playing around with it while pretending that the game's consequences are real haha. Great entry!

It looks like you had a lot more planned for this but I do love what's there so far! The visual effects are all very compelling, and the doll-switching mechanic is a very nice gameplay plan. They did feel pretty heavily imbalanced however. The teleport one was the only thing related to navigation and trivaliazed it, maybe a range limiter or some other drawback could've helped there. The rainbow shot was the only thing to deal with the enemies, and while the shield is useful in theory there were no enemies that gave me a reason to since you can stay very far back from enemies. Aand even with a shield you can't use it and attack at the same time, so maybe giving Alice an attack would be a good idea, so she can attack and use combat-related dolls at the same time, while certain dolls can just be used for giving her more offense, giving the player a range of choices. Or maybe an unkillable hazard that makes the player use the shield as well. Anyway, I have no idea what else you guys planned with the dolls mechanic but I think it has a lot of potential and I like what you put here so far!

This had a really neat gimmick! It felt utilized just enough to challenge the player without overdoing it, and makes you get accustom to other shot types that each had their own unique uses. That combined with the overall completeness of the game is really impressive! My biggest criticism is that it can be hard to keep track of your character for various reasons. For one thing, the spinny ghost familiar is a bit too opaque and obvious and I kept mistaking it for my player moving in weird ways. The background is also fast and sharp enough that it becomes a problem sometimes. I also really wish you threw in a checkpoint or two during the boss, since you don't get bombs and it just becomes an issue of how long until you don't make mistakes. Anyway, i really like what this brought to the table, good work!

This feels like something I needed this week, thank u. It's very cute and actually kind of majestic how the broom rotates up and down smoothly when you move, making the simple animation look real nice and relaxing. It reminded me of the bonus level in the SNES Aladdin game and I liked the idea of doing that in Danmaku a lot. I don't know if it has any real challenging applications but it'd be funny to see some kind of global leaderboard haha. I got 384 on my one attempt. Nice game, nice time~

It's cute! I liked the little Zelda style adventure and concepts and none of them overstayed their welcome for any time. There's not a whole lot to nitpick either, besides just wanting more to play. Some of the puzzles were a bit on the way simple side, there were hardly any instances where the thing you had to move/jump over were particularly far away or took some thinking. And the boss had a couple of unfair moments with enemies spawning on you and getting immediately hit with Reimu's after you get a hit in on her, but it was forgiving enough that it didn't put a damper on it. Good work!

Great UI and presentation.

@Gameplay: what?

As far as dialogue puzzles go this one is, pretty cryptic. I kinda got the idea of what I should do but by no means how to do it. Basically, if your game mechanic is loosely explained through dialogue, there should be some pretty heavy hints or basically no consequence for trying to wrong thing until you get it. As it stands a lot of that felt like luck, which is a shame as it seemed like a hell of a concept. But hey, you did great work over the short course of 3 days so nice!

Also please either scroll the text faster or have a single right click fill the rest of it in, I mean come on some of us have places to be.

Chair remind me to end your life for this jam title during our already-controversial jam.

Anyway idk I tried it a bunch of times and it crashed a bunch of times. The only nitpicks I even got to witness are that the movement is pretty zoomy and makes it hard to get any precise verticality, and the enemies fire pretty quickly and are probably better off firing slow bullets so you can actually react to it if you get fired at. It's hella energetic otherwise so it was enjoyable while it worked.

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Windows screensaver flashbacks occuring.

Anyway, I don't think I got very far in it but I only played the jam version because I'm in a time crunch. Anyway, a minigame adventure is a really neat idea to put a big team of people to work on (and I guess I'd know a thing or two about that). That being said yeah some of what I was supposed to do was obscure. The pong game I had no idea whether i was supposed to win, and the branching paths thing confused me and overloaded my computer a little bit so I called it. So a lot of these could really use player feedback, but we also had a megateam and I know the woes of that. So yeah I might check this out again in its later version if I get the time!

Also it'd be nice if you could hold up to go forward a bunch (or move backward). And some extra footstep sounds or pitch variance would've helped a lot too.

Haha well that's certainly a step up from Grave Mistake through shorter length alone. I still feel like one or two checkpoints wouldn't have been unwelcome, especially because that last segment was really hard to guess when the enemy will lunge at you (and that one cost most of my deaths grr). I heavily appreciate the control you have over your jump and think that helped it out a lot this time around. And I really liked the enemy attack designs and figuring them out. I do feel like both of them should have had a small delay though. The lunging ones didn't telegraph enough for some of the closer encounters (they can still choose their direction when they start launching, it just needed a little audio cue imo). And the jumpers should have had a sliiight delay. Like  they should still be fast enough to make sure they can cut you off, but with how they jumped immediately it wasn't obvious for the first while what was going on and I thought it was by coincidence. There's a subtle mental disconnect unless the jump happens as an actual reaction and not a simultaneous event.

Anyway, good stuff! I also liked the inclusion of a story this time, gave some catharsis to beating it. Was the music at the end made by you or found somewhere?

Soild platformer overall! Personally I prefer checkpoints over the idea of multiple lives, making it frustrating when things like bugs and wonky collisions caused me to eat lives. The pixel art was very nice, but I really could've used some visual feedback when hitting a fairy because I kept assuming I was missing because of the slow and small bullets. Also it was a bit annoying how you'd reset immediately after dying, often making you not realize you die and you do an input that like, throws you off a cliff. A small delay would've been nice. The boss was fun but ate up the entire stock of my lives when she changed patterns because there wasn't much room to dodge the small dense bullet spread. Good ending screen though.

This scratched my hard platforming itch pretty well. A couple of nitpicks though. For one thing using WASD was kind of awkward and arrow keys would've been nice. Another thing is that Reimu only had one possible jump height and no matter how long you hold the jump button it doesn't change that, which makes the more precise jumps rely entirely on your timing and not your use of controls. Some of the jumps were also a little on the needlessly precise side, particularly ones where you can jump too high into spikes. And I wish the moving objects reset after you died, since sometimes that threw me off when I tried again.

Overall, great job! I had fun with it.

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So this was an interesting prototype and the combat that was there had a fun feel to it. For the half a day you had this was a great start and I would definitely be interested in seeing more if you continue it after jam ratings! I liked the inclusion of an ending theme and story too, and it did feel gratifying to see. There's not much else to say, so hopefully you're not as pressed for time next jam haha.

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Aesthetically gorgeous with a lot of wonderful work put into it, but thoroughly and needlessly frustrating oof. There's so much craft and love put into the level design so it's a shame to see all that brought down by a combination of the tiniest of things. The wall-running thing was strange when it's where the majority of your momentum comes from but it's acceptable and made some good challenges. I think that mechanic needed an intro level that explained it a lot better. The bottom of the level itself is so cluttered that it was really hard to tell what's going on, so some tutorial-styled level design would've been a good addition there. What I really couldn't get used to without getting frustrated was the fact that Marisa's acceleration will start off super slowly and then catapult into high speeds. And considering most of the jumps were vertical-based and precise, that doubly worked against it. The fairies were the worst though and I just ignored them eventually. It was already hard enough to deal with them (and dealing with them basically did nothing), so when you kept adding more they eventually became completely not worth dealing with.

I liked some smaller stuff like the ladders you can swing around with your shot. Putting more physics and shot based puzzles could've been a good focus over the weird fairy stuff. I also liked the big complex map as a whole and wouldn't have minded the ability to lose some progress as much if the controls were solid. Unfortunately though there's a lot of design decisions here that cause frustration and I think that needed a lot more attention.

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That was a lovely time. It had charming character interactions and organic progression to make that shine. The models and environment look lovely, making it a shame the walk cycle couldn't make it in. I especially loved the small stylistic details like the walls collapsing when you walk into a car and the silhouette when your character is behind something. It was also hilarious to see a murder mystery where everyone was fighting to claim to be the one who killed poor Reimu. One nitpick is despite the music fitting really well it looped quite awkwardly with a lot of silence and a weird cutoff when resuming, kind of hurting the tone every now and again. Anyway, great job through and through!

This post brought to you by the synchronized forehead-wiping gang.

This had a lot of solid spell cards but the visuals need a lot of work to make them stand out more. The player shots were way too prevalent, and a lot of the bullet colors (the lighter yellow-ish ones especially) didn't pop enough from the background, so if you weren't paying strong attention to your player's hitbox you're basically guaranteed to trip up. Try and focus on contrast between the environment/player and the enemy bullets. Also as far as spell cards go they were mostly good but with a couple of unfair moments. Her second card fires homing bullets at you before you can even think of why and basically always kills me when I first get to it, consider a cooldown or warning before anything that could potentially smite the player so fast. And her rainbow V formation attack became too packed together to actually dodge sometimes afaik.

Anyway, this was a pretty solid one that got pegged down a bit by some stuff that's probably easily fixable, which during game jams happens a lot so nice work!

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This has an astonishing amount of effort for a three day game jam. A fully fleshed-out puzzle game with four unique character, all of which have their own designs, abilities, and even subtle animation quirks that line up with their personalities, which honestly floored me. And I really like how the designs touch on gender roles and LGBT representation. That really ties it all together. The character abilities were really good and fleshed out too, thought he biggest missed opportunity imo was the boy Flandre. He didn't really get to do much besides distract simple enemies, but that's fair enough since we got three other useful characters.

The puzzles were pretty good too! I wasn't confused for the most part and everything had a pretty clear indicator of how you were supposed to interact with it. There were moments of confusion regarding remembering where each character was, and I feel like that could really be improved by the camera being more zoomed out or by adding an effect where the camera smoothly moves to the new character when switching. Just some small stuff that might help you keep your sense of direction, especially since the environment isn't too varied (thought it looks very good). Also the music got repetitive pretty fast, meaning maybe the game could have benefited from more sound effects, but it's pretty understandable if you didn't get the time.

Overall this was a great entry (and hopefully isn't overlooked due to the language barrier). Great job!

Ah I like the basic gameplay of this, and it came out really nice for your first jam so welcome aboard! I'm playing the easy version and my biggest gripe with it is how long it takes for the hearts to come in and add actual difficulty. I don't know how it compares to the old but it's a bit too slow of a boil to really want to keep going back to when I lose. I'd say have it start with the heart phase before they start exploding. Also the biggest thing that could've made this present itself better would have been one or two extra walk frames so Patchy actually moves instead of slides, but I realize there's lots of time constraints. Hope to see you in future jams!

This is very solid given how ridiculously little time you had to make it! Honestly I'm kinda jealous because we had like 4x that amount of time and still ended up with something that felt unfinished haha.

There's not much else to say. It was small and cute and simple, but also reaaaaally could've used a bigger window.

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Dat's all fair enough, I was spending a lot of time dealing with the unique issues this jam had and also had a really big team who were also really busy, so this wasn't a fully-realized passion project or anything. Basically any individual part of the game was rushed, so there's not much fleshed out story you're going to get and we just went the way of cute and gay. That being said though, there's no real obligation to make everything about a jam game tie into the theme, especially when Pride tends to be a character-based thing, and Identity was sort of an alternative interpretation and not really a double-theme. I'm not arguing you have to rate it higher but I really don't think there's an arbitrary threshold for theme rep in this jam, anything you put in there is fine if you have fun. LGBT rep is pretty easy to include.

This is a really cute idea, and the artwork is adorable too. Gameplay-wise it's pretty simple but that made it a lot of mindless fun. Of course it did get way too easy after a while. But also when it's too hard it suddenly becomes unfair. You can upgrade your clownpi's mid-round but can't buy new ones, which doesn't do a whole lot to make you not feel helpless when a rabbit gets through your defenses. The most obvious thing that could have made this better is to have the rabbits in the immediate area clear out when the cake takes a hit, or have some other kind of way to be proactive once defenses are compromised. Besides difficulty I think it really needed some visual difference for higher level defenses, like a hue shift or slight scale increase (though idk how scalable those two are), it's a bit tedious to click on every one to see which has a cheaper upgrade. Anyway, this would be fun to see added to with more variety in its content!

Oh it's not for any rules reason specifically (though credits do help), I'm mostly compiling the ZUN award candidates haha.

Haha that was a good style tribute, good sense of humor too. I have no idea whether I was getting certain ones right or wrong but I was having fun anyway. I really liked the events at the end of each day. Naturally this was more of a fun execution of a joke than a challenging game, so that works for me. My left ear though god damn, careful not to pan all the way!

Also was the little party bgm made by you or was it a resource online?

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I played this with friends and admittedly we didn't understand enough of the character descriptions to know who what each role does, likely due to language barrier, but this is a great idea for a mashup game and I'm very impressed by the product that came out of it! It would have been nice if instead of requiring each player to type one at a time they could all say their lines at once or something similar, since many of our members didn't realize when it was their turn. Otherwise I'd recommend playing  a notification tone or something when it's the player's turn to type.

Anyway, great job! It was a really interesting thing to see come from a game jam.

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This definitely had an interesting idea going for it but a few things in the execution made it convoluted and punishing. I'll give a pass to it being arbitrary what options to pick, but the gameplay to do so is really tedious. The random topic generator is a neat concept but generally lead to a lot of waiting and nothing else, and timing that to when you were supposed to "end" the conversation became a bit too stressful and especially too cryptic to ever find out myself.

It was cute tho. Aggressive flirting games are always fun.

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Let's Go, Lesbians: The Game!

This was a cute one. And the levels kept introducing new ideas in ways that were easy to understand so everything felt fresh. A couple of nitpicks of mine come from the controls. Marisa accelerates pretty slowly to max speed so a lot of the more precise jumps are harder to make and that's not really the point of the game. It also felt arbitrary that you moved backwards more slowly when jumping and can't turn around, especially when bouncing on the trampolines. None of that killed the experience overall, but the biggest place where the level design clashed with the mechanics was in the last level because you had no way (as far as I knew) of seeing the entire obstacle courses on your left and right without breaking them and starting the escort. One idea could be a way to move the camera around and preview the level like when you press R on the Super Mario World overworld.

Also I accidentally killed all the Reimus at the end but I got the good ending anyway.

Haha well these are very nice animations. I'd be interested in seeing how this comes out as a playable game if you revise it post-voting. I'd recommend using sorting layers or some small Z position tweaks so the characters don't overlap eachother's body parts but I'm guessing that's part of the grand scheme.

Was the levan polkka arrange made by you as well?

I had a lot of fun here! Just like your the last jam's entry it was a solid danmaku challenge.  I appreciated the rechargable mini-bomb. Unfortunately I almost beat it the first time, then found out about the bullet cancel, but then the next 10 attempts were plagued by bugs grrr. Oh well, it be a game jam.

Also can I get a more specific credits name that "am" for your other teammate? Also also, was the music and art made by you guys? Just curious.

Can't say I knew what to do as a goal but it was fun to play around with Touhou tanks! They're definitely slippery in the control department though. Can the enemies even die? The distinct lack of feedback from that left it pretty uncertain what was happening whenever you were on the offensive.

Anyway I liked the little wobbly tank animation, there was enough attention put into most of the details that it came out really polished and fun-looking.

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Oh that's a good idea! Since this is solely about accessibility of people playing your game, I will allow you to update your download with an English translation at any point if you finish it. Just make sure that you don't make any other changes to the game/story itself whatsoever or add any content. If you do want to make a more improved game, upload it after the voting period when the results are announced so it's fair to the other contestants. Good luck!

Ahh the models are very good! Impressive fitting all that into one jam. Thanks for letting me know!

We'll let this exist as it exists.

Admittedly I was too tired to be able to complete it but this is a cute little game! I wish the difficulty curve when you got to Junko wasn't so wild, I wasn't having a super easy time figuring out how to even move to counteract that. The crosshair thingies were an interesting design, so this game had some very solid danmaku, it just could have used a bit more of a steady difficulty curve imo. Nice job!

AAAA I want to enjoy this more but the fact that death sends you back to the title screen of all places totally kills it after a small while. The game has some solid controls and I liked the progression of getting a weapon and then fighting, but yeah it eventually gets frustrating to sit through that cutscene over and over when you know there's no reason to. The difficulty formula is generally [chance of dying] x [penalty for dying]. If there's an update to this later on I'd definitely definitely appreciate having easier points to retry from.