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this is fun! I hope there will be more stages

this is great!!!

this is really coool!!!

thanx for creating this game!

thanks for playing

hi everyone!

I've been making game since 2012, I started with flashpunk now stuck with unity. I'm trying to use phaser now, but still can't make anything from it. almost all my game are on my gamejolt page most of them are small games I make for game jam that I make for about 1 week long each. the biggest project I've ever created maybe this android game with a gameplay borrowed from wario ware games

if you see my games on gamejolt, a lot of them are shooter or shmup, yeah i've been wanting to create a proper shmup games, on my current project, I've already completed the sprites and music/sfx part. now I just need to code it or rewrite the code