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Great, now you've done and got me excited!

Three words 


Question: What in the world happened to Johnathan?

Oh, never mind. But why does it take so long, there's not any indication that your drinking or eating, also sorry if I sound rude.

But there's only one thing to do, and it's the same thing, go to house, stand in corner, and then find out that the "target" jumped out the window.

Forgot about this game for a bit, but all holding right mouse button does is make a byte noise and then I die.

No, really. How do I play?

How though?

How do I eat and drink? Dying every time  I respawn ;-;


Cool game mechanic

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Hello I'm in need of your help so please help me the game is called Business under Fire

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Please help me and the game I'm working on it's called Business under Fire

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Hello I am in need of an programer for a pixel game so if you can help please email me at or just leave a note on the game page (the game is called Business under Fire)

Hello my name is Melon_lord21 (not real name) and im interested in your talents. Im making a game with "retro music" so email me at if you want to help out