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A member registered Dec 23, 2015

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Really fun, and only 10 hour of work .... congratulation !

In five minutes (by just following the tutorial) I made a nice litte music ! My first music. Great app ! Thank you !

Thank you Mark.

Good idea for the tutorial about abilities ! I understand why it's necessary.

I will make the help screen better. I admit I did it quickly.

Yes level 4 is very hard. The big difficulty I have now it's to make level with gradual difficulty as you said. I have never realized how difficult it is to make levels .... I can make a new level in 5 minutes, but to find if it's a good level, it's not easy. The only way I found is to test those level with real users.

Yes no sound for the moment I need to find someone who can help me.

Thank you a lot for your useful feedback !

Hi Mark,

It's not necessary to test on multiple device (but if you have time it's a bonus for me :) ).

I'm really waiting for your feedback, Thanks a lot :)

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Hello's testers !

I'm working on a puzzle/adventure game like Lemmings (for old people who know it (1991) ;) )

Available on Google Play

The core game is almost finished, (still working on adjusting some gameplay elements from feedback).

I need some testers to test the beginning of the game (intro + 4 levels).

The game will be paid, so for helping me I will offer a free licence of the game for those who want to play it.

You can help me more by providing me some feedback:

  • Do you like the game ?
  • Is the intro too long and boring ?
  • Do you find some frustrating element ?
  • Anything you like or dislike...
  • Did you find a way to finish the level 4 ? I know it's hard, but I really want to know how did you made it !!

Thank you !!

Hello Tomzaw
I think you should continue to use Unity to focus fully on your game.
Choosing another tool will cost you some time to learn it.

Very nice game, addictive and cute. The end is funny !

Any plan for an Android or ios release ?

Same here, I'm really impressed that everything in this game was made in 48h ! Game design is very attractive. Bravo !

I really like the gameplay. It's a good idea, it's fun and very challenging.
Characters are cute.
Blocks are not cute as playable character, and seem not to follow the same design.
Is the game finished ?

Hello everyone, I'm Wesley from Montreal.
14 years ago I was making games. But I had to stop because of no time and I didn't find a job in the gaming industry.
After a long break, I'm back in game dev and I was really surprised to find community like and tools like Unity … making games has never been easier !

I'm working on a 2D games inspired by Lemmings, do you remember ? ;)