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Everfire - Throwing pixel spells

A topic by Tomzaw created Dec 31, 2015 Views: 1,389 Replies: 5
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Hello there...

Just wanted to share a little information about my idea for a game that I plan to work on now. It will be a sidescroller pixel-art game for PC, where you play as some kind of a magical creature that uses spells to fight monsters on it's way. The story is much more complicated, but I don't want to reveal it now.

Facebook page:

Newest GIF / screenshot:

To do list:

- Double jumping (DONE)

- Droplets (DONE)

- Running animation

- Jumping animation

- Crouching

- Player portraits

- Spell icons

- Life and mana bars

- Experience bar

- Gold / coins

- Experience points (maybe)

- Throwing spells in any direction

- Destroying monsters to little pieces after defeating them

I am deciding now, which engine to use - Unreal Engine 4 or Unity. I have already created one pixel-art game in Unity for Android, stacker kind of game (it's called Dish Stacker) and I wanted to try Unreal, but we will see, what do you guys think? Also, thinking about something innovative I can implement to it, but have no ideas for now, problaby will come up with some ideas while developing. ;)

For now I have created concept for UI, it will be very helpful to read your suggestions.

Hello Tomzaw
I think you should continue to use Unity to focus fully on your game.
Choosing another tool will cost you some time to learn it.

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Hi wesley, thanks for your answer, hmmm actually that's not a problem for me, I already know Unreal a bit. And I think I will end up using it eventually, because I also have future plans to make a 3D game and I probably will not acquire such visuals with Unity as with Unreal. So, it will be a good thing to me to make a simplier game with it first. :)

Edit: Hmmm, I see there is quiet huge lack of 2D platformers tutorials for UE4, so maybe will go with Unity.

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Hi there, I know that it's maybe not something worth showing, but I want to share progress of my game from the very beginning, so here you can see double-jumping feature. I've downloaded a placeholder sprite for main character for now (author: Other sprites are by me, these green 'spikes' have unknown purpose yet. That purple orb is currently my idea for the source of casting spells. I want spells to be thrown in any direction, so it will be hard to do it with body of main character. It would look weird.

Edit: Added sprite for main character (one frame), what do you guys think? (click for hi-res)

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Platform concept, I don't know which colour I will use and what kind of environment it will be. (please click on image for hi-res, because here the image is strictured horizontally).

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Hi guys, I was a little busy recently by searching for a regular job, but I've managed to find also some time for my own project.

I have created a facebook page:


- Added droplets

- Added glow to player's eyes, small spikes and tall spikes

- Added particles to small spikes

- Changed the ground, will be more detailed obviously

- The orb is now rotating. I know, not a big deal, but I just wanted to make things look more lively

Here is a new GIF (click to enlarge):

I have also painted a portrait, I want to implement player portraits to the game. I loved that thing in Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate:

I have painted a new portrait: