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[Puzzle-Platformer] Red and Blue

A topic by HAL_9001 created Dec 25, 2015 Views: 279 Replies: 1
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Earlier this month I began development on my second game. It was a solo project that I had been working on throughout December. It is now complete and available to play in browser. I'm very interested in hearing any feedback you may have. To play the game, click that link that follows or the widget below:

I really like the gameplay. It's a good idea, it's fun and very challenging.
Characters are cute.
Blocks are not cute as playable character, and seem not to follow the same design.
Is the game finished ?

I had planned to move on to other projects now, with this project being complete, but with enough interest I may recreate the game into a more fully-fledged game with a story (the kind you get with platformers) and decent characters. Perhaps that would be a sequel if I ever went through with the idea.

Unfortunately, I am not an artist and am unable to create any decent artwork. This causes issues with all of my projects. For this game, I used royalty-free art assets from but struggled to find matching blocks and characters that would suit the game.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I hope I've answered your questions.