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Jay Tholen

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Steam keys are now restocked!

Steam keys are now restocked!

Steam keys are now restocked!

oops! it seems we may have run out. will address this asap!

Perhaps try again? I just fiddled with a few settings.

the original issue was resolved so I'm not sure what could be happening now. does it give you any sort of message?

ahh, it seems there's an issue with the payments system. will get this fixed asap, sorry!

The only stuff that itch won't get is anything Steamworks related and achievements. Otherwise it'll be the same. New official content specifically WILL make it over to itch.

Howdy! You can if you wish, though it doesn't export to wav or mp3 or anything so you'll have to record your stereo output.

are u going to add achievements???????????

Yeah this is a bug. :( We thought we fixed it a few days ago but it came back again. Today is our 'bug fixin' day so we're gonna hopefully have it working soon.

Hey, it sounds like you might be on a 32 bit machine? I'll update it tonight on itch to work, but if you look at some of the other threads here there's a fix to this.

Oh shoot, if it's showing this it should definitely run. I may have messed up the placement of the /data/ folder in the 32 bit version like a dingus. I did it on the GOG version too. Unfortunately I won't be able to fix this officual until GDC is over. :/ It should be pretty easy though if you don't mind copying files: The HypnOS.exe file should have a /data/ directory in the same folder. Inside data should be a series of folders named misc, audio, images, etc etc. It shouldn't have ANOTHER data folder. If my memory serves, I added another data folder inside the 'real' data folder and put all the directories in that. If you move all those the subdirectories one folder up into the 'real' data, it should work. Sorry about the confusion, ahah. This is slightly embarrassing.

OH I see! The 64 bit version is uploaded. I switched Linux64 to be first, perhaps that'll help?

will look into this ASAP after GDC. thanks for reporting!

ahh I see! a shortcut for resizing the window is CTRL + or CTRL -. perhaps that'll make it easier to fiddle with?

Heyy, sorry about that. :( Which OS are you on and what are your specs?

ok Steam keys are up. you should be able to click 'Request key' I think?

Howdy folks!
First of all, thanks for buying and messing with our weird game! We're working on getting steam keys for itch purchases - as soon as they mail them to me I'll add them to Itch.

We have a few future plans for the game, which are as follows:

Right after GDC: We'll be uploading a patched version that fixes a few of the bigger game-breaking bugs.

April 2019: We're going to add back in some cut content that we couldn't fit in by launch. This'll mostly be in the form of Counselor Ronnie's sweet anti-drug/safety game and quite a few more of the, uh, unlisted underground file sharing pages. Coolpunk/The Venue will also get more content. We're also going to be weeding out a few of the bugs that have been reported.

Summer 2019: We want to make some way for folks to share pages and songs they've created using the Hypnospace Productivity Suite. Not quite sure how this is going to look yet, but I know we're looking into Steamworks integration. We'll definitely provide some non-steam way to conveniently load in pages/songs though as well.

Next Year (MAYBE JUST A DREAM!!??): I'd really like to make some sort of expansion with a group of amateur game developers who make little fangames and experimental things and a plot that runs through their community. This'd ideally include a VERY simple klik & play-esque game making system within Hypnospace.

Forever???: I will be slipping in content for forever at a relaxed pace because I think it's an interesting thing to do and I'm always making stuff. I'd like to flesh out our underground communities and perhaps add new ones.

Add thanks so much! And I'm glad your brain wasn't TOO broiled.

hey, I added the OST here too in case ya didn't notice. still need to get bandcamp sent out though.

Ahh wow, sorry about that! Could you go into the BIOS in the game and click "non-integer scaling" and see if that or any of the other settings there help out?

requested them! as soon as they come in all drop them into the itch version.

we're getting steam keys for y'all soon too!

yeah I'm gonna get those generated soon!

Because the game is 480x270 if it scales to fullscreen at a non-1080p resolution it'll be almost unreadably hard to look at. As a result we made it scale to the nearest integer up. That said, if you REALLY WANT it full screen, you can click BIOS in the main menu area and enable non-integer scaling. It's not very pretty though! :)

heyy, yea gonna use bandcamp for this :) will send out keys soon.

i'm gettin' it uploaded now! i had to take a break after steam because of stress :(

i have to agree with ruggedmug

Ohhhh, thanks!


Hi I'm Jay! I made that hugging clown adventure game, as well as a few other thingies that you can get free here. I also make trippy dippy music and practice some (apparently) weird strain of Christianity. Ok bye!!!