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Hypnospace Outlaw

Alternate reality internet simulator set in 1999! · By Jay Tholen, TetroniMike

not able to buy w/ credit card?

A topic by Neil created Oct 06, 2020 Views: 403 Replies: 5
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last time i checked the buying window for this i was able to pay with card, and now the option has been removed. was this deliberate? couldn't buy it last time since i didn't have the funds. maybe my memory is just bad and you were never able to buy it w/ card. thanks!


ahh, it seems there's an issue with the payments system. will get this fixed asap, sorry!


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also having this issue :.(


the original issue was resolved so I'm not sure what could be happening now. does it give you any sort of message?


Perhaps try again? I just fiddled with a few settings.