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Hypnospace Outlaw

Alternate reality internet simulator set in 1999! · By Jay Tholen, TetroniMike

Soundtrack for 30$+ Backers?

A topic by Ropnolc created Mar 13, 2019 Views: 305 Replies: 4
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I backed the project a couple of years ago through here, one of the 30$+ rewards was the soundtrack (with the other rewards already having been distributed via e-mail)

I was wondering if that was also going to be distributed via e-mail in the near future as well or through the itch download page?


heyy, yea gonna use bandcamp for this :) will send out keys soon.


Thank you so much!


hey, I added the OST here too in case ya didn't notice. still need to get bandcamp sent out though.

I actually didn't, I was very much too engrossed in the game itself ironically!

Thank you so much!