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thanks for noticing! :) 'will' add it to next version

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ya you can disable most layers but the underwear is painted on :)

it might take some setup but just basically PNG sprites so ya

Yes. Thanks.

Yes. Thanks.

Hi. Thanks.

The files are only split into effects. So all related files are part of the same animation are part of the same PNG. In the visual/Sprite/Effects folder. Originally all sprites were in the same file I separated each effect out and it seems to work well with unity. Is there any reason you want each effect broken up into a PNG for each frame? I could recommend some programs that could split them for you but it seems to work fine as is...

Or gimp or Photoshop can split for you. Or I could if you really want me to 

Thanks again.

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Ya just to (optionally) split up the images add stretch marks and assign names to each sprite if using Unity.
Thank you.

Yes. Thanks.

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Thanks :)
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yes it is all the printable ascii codes below 128 for all three fonts, not extended ascii or ansi sorry

The bitmaps contain all characters shown please check again? I just confirmed...

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperWhite.png (original layout, 8k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperWhiteNew.png (compact, 7k)

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperBlack.png (original layout, 9k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/SuperBlackNew.png (compact, 6k)

PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/Venice.png (original layout, 13k)
PixelFonts/Assets/PixelFonts/VeniceNew.png (compact, 9k)

Yes png files are included.
Thank you.

not tied at all just used one of the mobs from our mobs package to act as a target of the effects to make it look nice
you can apply them to anything

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Fixed. Sorry.

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Thanks. Investigating.


Thanks.  Looks good and free and plays in browser. Excellent. I also noticed a couple of these effects. Thanks.

Thank you for your support.

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Added: Source TTF (ST01R.TTF, VeniceClassic.ttf) (Freely available online, not mine)

Added: old fnt files,  Glyphs (osx app) ( version of the fonts

yes. thanks.

Use as you like with no restrictions. CC0.

sorry, you can use a tool like or to extract and resize automatically

Hi. Sorry i missed your question earlier...

tho I am not sure  i understand the question... sorry

there must be a way to size it with RPG Maker as i cannot make all possible sizes...

Yes. With or without credit. Thanks.

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var t = transform;
transform.localScale = new Vector3(t.localScale.x * -1f, t.localScale..y, t.localScale..z)

Visually just one.  Left.
Easily get 2 with flipping.
Logically when moving can be 8. Right for sw, w, nw, n & Left for ne, e, se, s.

Thanks. Yes, please use as you like.

sorry had the playable unity build set to download and the download set to play ops! fixed! thanks

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ya some of the items are two tiles high :)
we can see an example of that in use for the trees in the town level here:
and I suppose 32x32 could work too

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks. I know you already got it working with PayPal I just wanted to state that.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

thank you. but why the exe?

another good way to split sprites is


Yes you can publish your script. There are also many tools to split images like photoshop or or or


can but not required thanks


you can select a place holder image using the Image Component
you can change the animation with the Animator Component
you can change the animation skin with the Mob Component

so to change the MobAur example to the white slime I changes the sprite to the white slime changed the animator to slime and changed the skin to F

Thanks! Yes the font is included free (for you to use) in many assets!

However the png font files are only included separately in the PixelFont asset. But the png files can be extracted from the font settings files (if you know or find out how) really want them without paying more :)

thanks man!

thanks man!