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Henry Software

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sorry had the playable unity build set to download and the download set to play ops! fixed! thanks

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ya some of the items are two tiles high :)
we can see an example of that in use for the trees in the town level here: https://henrysoftware.itch.io/pixel-level
and I suppose 32x32 could work too

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks. I know you already got it working with PayPal I just wanted to state that.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

We have added stripe and credit card payments. Thanks.

thank you. but why the exe?

another good way to split sprites is https://renderhjs.net/shoebox/


Yes you can publish your script. There are also many tools to split images like photoshop or http://renderhjs.net/shoebox/ or https://imagesplitter.net/ or http://pinetools.com/split-image


can but not required thanks


you can select a place holder image using the Image Component
you can change the animation with the Animator Component
you can change the animation skin with the Mob Component

so to change the MobAur example to the white slime I changes the sprite to the white slime changed the animator to slime and changed the skin to F

Thanks! Yes the font is included free (for you to use) in many assets!

However the png font files are only included separately in the PixelFont asset. But the png files can be extracted from the font settings files (if you know or find out how) really want them without paying more :)

thanks man!

thanks man!


awesome! can you ask them to share their project with me? (the pixel artist) benmhenry@gmail.com thanks and glad you like em!

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Sorry I do not have but these tools could do it.



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The png files are included with the PixelFont asset. https://henrysoftware.itch.io/pixel-fonts
The png files can be extracted from other assets with Texture.EncodeToPNG() https://gist.github.com/rakkarage/167d64e7dc8ebdcb6857b40c969edbf3 if you use Unity.
If you can not or will not get them any other way you can email me (rakkarage gmail com) from an address that has purchased a package with fonts included and I will email you the pngs back.

Thank you.

thanks adding the user-select: none (from second answer) to the index.html before compress and upload seems to fix it



when I click and drag on a WebGL frame it shifts the whole WebGL player?


Added code to load the PixelLevel town.

Added code to load the PixelLevel town.

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You are right. Of course. Sorry.
Some, like cat and dog and chicken are "too simple" and just reuse a modified idle animation for walk and in some cases attack as well.
We will update (Add a few feet moving frames.) these animations as soon as possible.

  • cat - improve walk
  • dog - improve walk
  • chicken - improve walk

Please let us know which others need work.
Thank you.

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the gallery does still partially show in some tooltips

maybe you could add a link to gallery in 'more information' or detect mobile browser and show normal non webGL page then

i guess i will eventually just download the gallery and host it on another site and post a link


itch.io Community » itch.io · Created a new topic WebGL & Gallery
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Thanks for supporting Unity and WebGL.
I recently changed some assets to play a Unity WebGL demo.
But now the gallery does not show.
Is there some way to show or link to the product gallery that becomes hidden when enable WebGL? Because WebGL does not always work. (phone)


Yes. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

Replied to Deek in Ease comments
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Thanks. :)

Fixed it for 4.3 (works in latest 5.5 too) and checked it in. If you download again it should work. Or just copy Ease.cs into your project.

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Drag the Effect.prefab into a scene, then into the preview window; but that only seems to work when in run mode? How are you activating the preview anyway by clicking on a animation? Preview window is buggy? Also you can just preview it in the editor:

  1. Drag Effect.prefab into scene.
  2. Select it and choose an animator controller.
  3. Hit Play. (Or open animation/animator windows)
  4. Goto 2.


the sprites are not divided by animation. They ate divided by mob. Because some mobs share frames between animations.

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Sorry they are separate in Pixel Fonts asset in this they are embedded in the font files... Can be extracted with a unity script... but I will just email them to you. Thanks.

Yes the 'original' format of the animations is Unity, but they are just text files so you could possibly decipher them. And yes the images are png so you can use it in any software. I apologize if this does not meet you needs, but i suppose no matter which software i set it up in, some would be 'left out'.

If i wanted to use them in another software i would download unity for free to see the animation sequences and timings and copy it manually or just recreate them.

And it is not just animation there is also a bit of code to choose a random animation for mobs that have more then one idle or attack animation. And 'code' to flip them when the face in certain directions.

No Unity is not required. It includes the png. Thanks.

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I don't think it is 'most' but some do have non-standard animations

here chickens start in random idle state and switch idle animations a few times then walk right walk left and attack and back to random idle

attack: 1, 5, 6

idle0: 0, 1, 2, pause, 3, pause, 4, 1, pause, 2, pause, 3 pause, 4 pause, 1, pause, 2, pause, 3 pause, 4 pause (blink at start and every three cycles)

idle1: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (walk + headbob)

idle2: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 7, 8, 7, 8, 3, 4 (peck ground)

walk: 1, 2, 3, 4

Yes some are even more simple, maybe just 3 different speeds of the same frames...

Even if you are not going to use unity3d.com it might be worth it to install to just check out example animations and timings... for example the pause at the top of the slime jump/walk cycle etc...

The animations and sprite sheets are just text files and can be deciphered/understood with some exploring.
Though you are free to arrange them any way you like.


Ya it seems like a bug that it did not warn you? Will get refund asap. Thanks.

Yup, they come as .pngs and can be used however. and no prob! :D

just one (well left facing and right facing so 2)

cool well i'm working on a font, but if anyone would like anything specific just lemme know!

Thanks man, glad you like them!

if you want to just credit henrysoftware.itch.io but let us know and we'll link you from our blog. good luck!