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cool, downloading the demo now, congrats


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The art was made with photoshop but ya gimp is nice or anything will do (nice online photoshop clone) (if use vscode) (i think free if compile yourself from github)

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Each have one direction which can be used as two by scaling x by -1 which flips it. And compatible with 4 way by additionally using down as right and up as left. Like angband :)

The PixelHero does have four complete directional walk animatios. But attack is just a punch or kick for now 


They are 16x16 but scaled in demo. Yes you can scale as u like.

Some have attack anumations and some share animations.
You can click on a mob in demo to make it attack, walk or turn. If you hear steps it is walk if you hear attack sound is supposed to be attack animation. But some use the same for all 3.

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some do, some reuse the same animation from walk or idle and some use the same animation for all three...

you can click on the mobs here to attack, walk or turn

Thanks. I don't think the mob sprites where ever totally joined like the items were? Maybe each Mob joined with others of the same type? I am not sure it would be easier to use joined either? It might be more efficient but can use TexturePacker or ShoeBox or Unity or Godot to join them into a sprite sheet in a build step anyway to negate that efficience gain... idk

Thanks. You are welcome.

u have it..

ya no problem... you can scale in a paint program or in unity or godot... looks best with even round ~2 numbers but





hey that looks awesome, congrats man!

honestly not sure, though i assume they'd work fine. any issues you have just let us know, converting them to another format is trivial so don't worry too much

send link when done :)

sure can, yup, enjoy. 

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 Sorry was missing. Thanks.

Not exactly...

There are lots of arrows included in 'Pixel Items'. :)

Yes. Use them for whatever you like. Thanks.

there is a split up sprites version here:

Done. Thanks.

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generic angel code fnt versions of these fonts are here:

works with many font programs and editors



Thanks. Looks great. Having some trouble getting it to work on latest minimal Ubuntu 20? Error about shared library when running 'strange'? What are the requirements please?


Thank you.

Yes you are free to use as you like. Thanks.

download instead of that is the one that plays in the browser here

i just rearranged it so the is before the in the files? please let me know if it works now? you can also access downloads from the "my library" link in top right menu drop down. otherwise i can maybe email it to you while i figure it out

added some 'new' 'templates' to downloads :) thanks


No... sorry just the visible range of the 127 character of ASCII.

thanks for noticing! :) 'will' add it to next version