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Earth Otherwise

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The way I do these things is critisisms first and praise later. I also write these comments as I play the game so they might be a bit choppy. First thing, R is reset... I tried to reload the gun. Yeah, did not work, as you might expect. Probably a good idea to remap that to another button that you wouldn't normally press. But other than that a pretty neat game, would recommend. I loved the voice acting, particularly the robot-human whose name I've already forgotten. The concept could easily be expanded into a full game along the lines of quake rocket jumping meets the Stanley parable. Goo job.

A fun concept. Could be expanded with a new game plus mode. Could become a full game if it unfolded and expanded as you completed it over and over again.

One criticism is that it wasn't clear that the camera's couldn't see me once they were hacked, I thought that they were just stuck looking in one direction. The pre-game text crawl was probably the best bit, it was funny. A neat little game.

Hello everybody, armature hobby game dev here, trying to slowly make my way from simple 2D games to more complex 3D games in the hope of someday becoming rich and famous (aka, teh ultimate supahstah!) But until then, I'm going to be dev-vlogging my stuff and playing new and interesting games and critiquing them hopefully to help both them and myself.