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Sorry! Was in a rush to get ready for Thanksgiving and get this in under the deadline at the same time. Glossed over a bit in my last minute check for bugs. New build up now that fixes this.

...And this has what to do with Desert Bus?

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Hello. My name's David Smith. You can call me MowDownJoe. I've been itching to make games for most of my life. In kindergarden, my teacher challenged the class to make a board game for reasons unknown to me. My grade school friend introduced me to RPG Maker while I was in Middle School, where I (poorly) tried to wrap my young brain around such concepts such as level design and balance. And my college professor loved the little student game project that me and a classmate put together over a 3-day span. So, I've had an itch to make games most of my life. It's only about now that I tried to teach myself Unity and actually do something with that itch.

Prior to making games, I had a not very successful YouTube channel where I played various games I found interesting while trying to flex what knowledge I gleaned from watching Extra Credits and trying (but failing) to make myself feel superior to other people. The same could be said for my Twitch channel, I guess, though I use that more nowadays and may one day just stream myself doing dev stuff.

So... yeah. Games have been a part of my life since I was 3, when I got an NES and Super Mario Bros. I've always wanted to contribute, and now... 25 years later (God, I'm old), I'm going to actually do something.