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I removed the quotes and that solved the issue.  Thanks!

How do you do that with a keyboard?

Changing it (via copy/paste) didn't work, though, unfortunately.

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I'm running a somewhat older (2009) Mac and I'm having trouble running butler without using the full file path.  I've added the file path to .bashrc, which now reads  

export PATH=“$PATH:~/Library/Application\ Support/itch/bin/“

If I remove the "\" from "Application\ Support, terminal throws an error "-bash: export: `Support/itch/bin/“': not a valid identifier" so I assume .bashrc is being at least read.   But with the readable file path in .bashrc, I get a "-bash: butler: command not found" error.

Dragging butler.exe into terminal to produce the full file path (with \ included), I can execute commands as expected.

Am I doing something wrong?


I've heard of "rent-a-mac" sort of services.  Bitsy Fire was definitely a hobby project, but my currently in-development title, Visual Out, is aiming to be a full commercial release and I'm totally willing to invest in a (cheaper, refurbished) mac for it and future projects.  =]

I'm working on getting a mac so I can better support that platform.  Right now the problem is that symlinks break.  It's fixable if you download nw.js and copy the correct files over, but its impossible for me to do on my own right now until I have a mac.

Presumably. =P

What version of Linux do you run?  When I export from Construct 2 sometimes the exporter uses out-of-date libraries.  Most Ubuntu distributions should work.
I'll try to find out more though, because I don't like how little linux support I can do right now.

So I beat the second boss (the hexagon attatched to the walls) and now I'm stuck in the room. The door on the right is still closed, the walls on the left are still there, and there is no upgrade in the room to help me let myself out. The jammer, dash, and current do not seem to interact with anything in the room. I have to quit to get back to the save point.

Bug reports are anonymous so i'm not sure who submitted this.  If you're willing (please don't feel obligated) would you mind trying to do this boss again exactly the way you did this before and record a video?  That would help me figure out what's going on.  I'll be trying to replicate this bug on my end, too.  I would seriously appreciate it, but again don't feel obligated!  Thanks!

Discussion of V 

Hey thanks!
If you come across any issues using this, let me know! =D

Oh man forums! Hi all, I'm Berry!
I make strange games with Construct 2, doing just about everything but music. I'm participating in #1GAM though I'll probably stop after this year. I love participating in game jams too.
Right now I'm working on Visual Out, and recently released a demo for it.

In my free time I like drawing, painting, cooking, and bookbinding (though that gets expensive so it's a rare activity). I also tweet a bunch. =D