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You guys are awesome!

I only wish I had the talent for drawing like this, not just programming know-how.

Great community.

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@nocheatcodes, are you talking about the shapes (objects) you drag into the editor?

Select the object and press "Delete."

If you mean parts of the objects, you'd need to create a custom obj.

I hope this helps and I'm not off base with my understanding of your suggestion!

I hope this topic (Custom Blocks) fills up quickly!

I am no artist and I'm dreading drawing and rigging my actors, but I figured I'd work on the environment first.

I tried to like each post where assets were shared, but I may have missed some.  With this in mind, and for future downloads, I want to leave a great big thank you for everyone with any talent at all, for sharing their work!  I can code, but not draw, so any and all assets shared will save me (and folks like me) a huge headache.  So:

[fanfare] Thank you! [fanfare]

Sorry if this has been requested already, but without a search (am I missing something?), I'm having trouble locating anything!

When I rotate the scene, it moves much to fast.  I'd like to see a mouse rotation sensitivity setting added.

As far as the animals, I understand, I think! I've been programming for years, but never programmed a game and, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

So, consider this my request for animal assets! I suck at drawing and love the simplicity and elegance of your low-poly drawings. I may try my hand at it, but past projects leave me with little confidence....

After a quick scan the other day, I found a few free programs that can handle the SWF format. I didn't write any down because I'm not there yet, but there were a few.

Here are a few to get you started....

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Oh, gotcha, I see that now. Sorry. I do agree though, even if I misunderstood, originally.

But Adobe Animate - not an option for me. I'll have to rely on your skills and templates for now, I guess (and what the community shares). I did find some freeware swf editors, though. If I ever want to try to create my own, I can use one of those.

The variation-on-a-theme templates is a great idea!

You can move my posts, if you want....

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Hummm, I haven't bought it yet, but I thought I could already create my own templates.....

Edited: Without Adobe Animate!

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I haven't bought the utility yet, so please forgive me if these are included (I didn't see them in any future or current lists), but I'd like to see some animals!

With sundry: carts, horses (corals), oxen (tethers), chickens (coops), etc.

Again, with sundry: crops, mills, etc.

I'd bet these would look nice in vector, low polygon, too.

But, not quite enough.

I imagine voice acting is one of the more expensive assets, but when possible, I'd like to see more samples added.

I like the ones available already, but there aren't quite enough for me to add the ones I need (so I have to leave all of them out). More RPG sound bites is what I'm after (like generic grunts and utterances), but I'm guessing others probably need a few, too.

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Hey Kenney and community,

I found this site by accident and, it happens to have exactly what I am looking for. I love the artwork, it's so much better than other available open source assets.

I downloaded some files to use for now, but I really like the whole idea behind the Studio and its templates. Like most here (I assume), I am a programmer, not an artist! I'll grab it soon. Anything that makes the drawing easier for me, I'm all for (and supporting Kenney).

FYI: the screenshots here are very dark and I cannot see them (I'm trusting to the quality of Kenney's other stuff to vouch for Studio).

I look forward to working with everyone.