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Introduce yourself! Sticky

A topic by tesselode created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 36,624 Replies: 932
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Hey there! My name is Caleb (aka LebbyFoxx) and currently I have made 2D games/prototypes in Game Maker Studio 2 for game jams. My plans are to study games design and then to go into the games industry. I am currently playing around with/learning C++ and a small bit of blender, while reading and learning how Unreal Engine works/how to use it. Outside of games design I love history, drawing, writing (sometimes), the outdoors (like fields, gardens, forestry etc. fresh air is always nice!) and computers in general. My passion for games and games development should help me on my quest, so that I can work with others on ideas and create fun and engaging experiences. I wish you all good luck with your aspirations and if you are reading this have a splendid day! I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll all create!

- Caleb (LebbyFoxx)


Hello. I'm a guy who has been here for months, yet I only just realized we have forums:3 I primarily dabble in RPG Maker-esque horror, point-and-clicks, metroidvanias, RPGs, non-dating VNs, and just anything that has a good story. My motto is: If it doesn't have a GOOD story, don't make it. (Or generally, enjoy it)

My current project is unnamed as of yet, but it follows the adventures of a naive, bigheaded dark elf aristocrat, and another character (two or three ideas so far). Basically, they both have faults, they're not perfect heroes, but they form a friendship born of those weaknesses and go on an epic quest.

My favorite games are probably Iconoclasts, Time Hollow, and To The Moon. If you know of any good games in the above genres, or like these three, please comment below.

Hello, I'm gamesbyfar and I recently ended my first Windows game, after some Android Projects. The game is NPVAC, an original platformer action adventure, with hard difficult. It's my most ambicious project until now, I made it on Godot and it offers over 20 hours of gameplay. Ah, and it's free.


Welcome to gamesbyfar! Godot looks like a very good open source tool, I'm not using it because couldn't put the HTML5 export option to work correctly, something related to a WebGL2 context.


Hi my name is Ryan but I created this Gamers Therapy thing because well, I am a gamer who was in therapy and still needs to be. I'm 32 years old, single dad, hate my job, diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I want to do something that I enjoy and gaming is what I really enjoy. I guess I prefer writing as i I have no experience coding. 

I have an overactive imagination which have led to hallucinations before I went on meds and I am currently using Twine to talk about these nightmares and get them out. I know what games I would like to create and what themes I would like to explore. I can see the gameplay in my head but don't know how to get it out. So I guess I'm hoping to be part of a team where I can tell a story and others can hopefully understand what I'm trying to do. 

I'm hoping this will become a therapy thing for me but also open doors into game development or being part of a team that does game development either indie or otherwise. 

I'm just really sad at the moment and I want to prove to my daughter that anything is possible.

I have already upload a very short interactive story called No More. My first foray into this world of development which you can find on my profile page. 

Anyway, that's me right now. 

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Hello! I am new to game development in general but h I have been tinkering with various engines for a while. Im mainly an artist. Been looking for months for a programmer to help me get going. Every time I post on a forum though, the post asking for help is usually deleted and in things like discord im usually just ignored so...

Hi I'm Ellie and I like anime , play guitar , ukulele and piano .  My favorite anime is My Hero Acidemia . I hope you all have a nice day xxxxxxxx


Hello my name is benjar700 and I in the industry of game , and I didn't know where start, who can help me?


Ahoy there peeps! 

I am Misu. I created this account long ago but never used it at all. Now I decided to join along this community and express myself in various weird ways.

I create video games but nothing to share atm. I can paint and do comics but I rarely do so. I love writing stories but the most you'll ever get out of me is my posts. 

Bottom line, I love creativity. When I was a kid, I loved making board games and comics but now game development became a profound passion and hobby after painting. 

Hopefully I could share some great stuff and ideas eventually in this forum and hopefully make lots of friends. 


Deleted post

excuse me, what does it mean that do you've  specked here now ? I like tesselode question, but I not've understood last user.

Hello, I really enjoyed all the work you guys put into games and comics keep up the good work. I'm a 48 year old brony fan of my little pony friendship is magic I dressed up as rainbowdash  7  years at conventions  so why I'm  I here I want to show the world my adult furry humor magical sex comic for a long time I've been trying to get my comic published for several years no success but I never give up on my dreams !  Any furry fans and gamers out there have tried your hardest out there to get a comic published and failed several times just keep rainboomin the clouds high and in your heart you'll succeed  !

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I'm a novel, novella, short story, and poetry writer. I tried making games in the past, and might someday like to get back into it. Back then I used to use a very specific RPG engine that made everything easy, without having to worry about coding. Kind of weird looking back on it. I cancelled the project at the time, which later reincarnated as a short story.

When I'm not writing, I like building simple artificial intelligence. Especially chatbots, which is sort of like Visual Novels, but inside the terminal, and with a lot of applications beyond video games. I'm also a huge fan of spicy food (crazy spicy food), and French Press coffee at the local coffee shop.

Oh and while I have ventured in Science Fiction, I prefer Magical Realism.

Hello everyone,

My name is Vivi, I currently study chemical engineering at my local university but my hobbies include various stuff, mostly creative activities such as drawing, painting, sewing, etc. But I generally enjoy everything game-related too, be it board games, video games, or anything really. I've had some coding experience (C# mainly) from high school, and I have recently started taking an interest in not only playing games, but developing my own ones! :)

I've been fiddling with Unity quite a bit, but only recently have I started working on a project I actually plan on finishing and publishing later on. There's not yet much I can tell about it, other than it being a story based(-ish?) platformer, but you'll hopefully see once it is finished!

Hi, Mario Matalla here. I'm always busy doing some creative stuff, writting, music, movies, etc. Half a year ago I started doing things with Ren'Py. Although I had enjoyed several VN, I felt there were almost none that fully fit my tastes. I'm trying to create some interactive fiction for grownups (not necessarily with naughty stuff), more influenced by cinema, literature or comics than actual VNs. I'm aware that what I'm trying to do will have a very small audience (if any), but I'll keep doing it as long as it amuses me. I just registered to publish my first game.

Hi, My name is Simon, Si for short.

About me.

I have always been a creative kid. Loved drawing, making stuff with paper and glue and playing music. I play guitar and Plano and always enjoyed games.

I would make games on my Spectrum and commodore computers. If you remember them, then you are probably my age. Born in the 70's, and was a 80's teenager and still to this day living it young.

I don't  rush to compete projects. I take my time on something to get as close as I can to my vision. What has always driven me is just my passion. Not money or fame but the best thing about making games is knowing you or someone out there is having fun playing them.

My History:

I started making digital games in 2012. I quickly learnt to use stencyl and Flash AS3 and made games for Kongrate and the long lost Mochi-Media. I leant from others on you-tube and now I use Unity3D for most of my digital games.

Thanks for reading this far down. Keep up the good work. This site has some really nice games to play and its good to be around other creative people. Send me a message or something. It be nice to know more people on here.

Cheers for now.

My cube icon box is something I made in under 10 mins with MS image composer. It is my digital box and I just like the look of it :) 


I"m 16 years old and I want to create games. I start with this if you want to try.....Good look and support me if you want!

Hello all,

My name is Miguel @migcreatesgames (Twitter). My favorite game of all time is The Adventure of Link in the NES classic. I really enjoy 2D games, and mobile games over the high end graphics games as long as it has a great story line or a hook. It has always been an idea of mine to make a 2D game of my own that anyone can play. I have a computer programming background education mostly working with businesses and databases so when I heard about Unity3D, I decided it was time to make some 2D games.
My idea is to make small demo game (mini games) so that I can get a some backer to support a longer and better version. I mostly work solo, but I like asking my friends and random starters about game ideas. Weekly game jams I have to say are my favorite now. It gives me short time to crunch my ideas quick. I have a few games so far.  


Greetings gamemakers! My name is Aron and I produce electronic music for video games. I like melodic beat-based tunes with techy sounds and live instrumentation samples. Like this: 

Soundtrack for my friend’s turn-based cyberpunk JRPG

I’m looking for people who would like to collaborate and allow me to soundtrack their projects! Game jams sound like a fun way to get experience and I hope to meet and join jammers with whom we share mutual respect for eachother’s work :) 

do you have a soundcloud or bandcamp or something like that? I also make music and i'm kinda curious how yours sounds

I decided to make this introduction because I am already obsessed with the community! I have have been on all of thirty minutes.  My in g game toon/username has always been Siddeous because I have always used it as my name in game, regardless of game. I tried to be Sidious as in Darth Sidious in Diablo 1; however,  it was already  taken so I could myself Siddeous and still do 20 some odd years later. I also thoroughly enjoyed playing Magic: the Gathering  my entire life, now 36, years young, and Urza has always been one of my favorite characters. I especially love when he fought his brother MIshra during, "The Brothers' War." I have always loved the Diablo games or anything Blizzard created, Magic, Zelda. You name an RPG or ARPG and I'm addicted. I look forward to getting to know each and everyone more as the time passes. Let me know if I can be of any assistance!


Hey guys i'm luke and i don't make games i just play them

i do make music (bleeps and blopps)  though

Hi! I'm Eric Robbins and I'm a composer that plays a bunch of instruments and sings! I just got my degree in music and production and I have a full studio at home to work with. I'd love to connect with some people who need music and I want to try my hand at sound design as well!


Hello! You can call me JJ. 

Games have always been my thing, really, but I've only gotten into developing them very recently. After teaming up with two friends of mine for three Ludum Dare jams (so far), we decided to start a larger project. I have also toyed with the idea of going solo for some smaller projects.

You can find all of our LD jam games on on my page here (work in progress). I also have a brand new Twitter account which will see some action if I ever get followers.

I'm glad to join the community!

Hi, I AM ui designer of EZTALKS. i ALSO  love games very much.  Call me Felicia.

Name's DomedVortex! I'm enraptured by the joys of game design and world creation. I make my own graphics and music, I like to experiment with them constantly, and I'm always trying to improve myself.

Feel free to indulge yourself in my collection of games. I have 3 so far, and they're all RPG Maker Games: My Page

I also have a Twitter account, where most of my random stuff is posted: DomedVortex

Good luck to everyone here!

(•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑Hey Guys. 

I am one international  student on north America. Now I am taking computer and Game design course on campus. Also, I have my own Youtube channel【Portal】. Each week I would like to share some unity and art skills to us. Hopes you can SUBSCRIBE me. Each click will encourage me lots. 

Finally, Very glad to see you guys. 

Hi all! I'm April, another fellow indie game developer, who's actually just starting out! I didn't even know this thread was here! 

I'm currently an undergrad studying Computer Science at my university. My hobbies include creating art and dancing. Of course, I can't understate my fascination for video games. I think the medium itself is very unique since, unlike videos and articles, video games are totally interactive. And that's just!!! So cool!!! There's a lot of ways indie devs can play around with the relationship between the player and the game. 

Enough about my philosophy though! I hope we can be friends! Check out my first game over here.

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Hi! I'm Wudgeous, I just wanted an unobtrusive space where I can test some <b>formatting.</b> Can't seem to get html to work though. :\

Hello ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

I go by Tuskat,

R0d3nt is my very first proper game. I do game dev as a hobby.

I'm a big fan of looter shooters, fighting games, roguelikes and tactical-rpgs.  (and cute stuff)

I dream of making a game that will let the player make their very own

bite-sized story and just expand on it in unique ways  ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ

I'm currently mostly designing/creating games to improve : fail faster like they say.

Feel free to drop by and try my stuff  ʕノ)ᴥ(ヾʔ

I can also try yours, I'll try to be honest without being blunt  ┬┴┬┴┤•ᴥ•ʔ├┬┴┬┴

Nice to meet you guys!

This is BitBros! Games, we finished our first game a couple of years ago and we'd like to publish it for the first time in English.
See you around!

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My name is Andy aka thefreedyshow

I have a Youtube channel and a soundcloud channel and make music as well as some youtube videos sometimes. However I recently discovered Renpy sunday 30th of June to be precise. I started working on my game "THE VR GIRL" and I have not stopped since then.

I am disabled and cannot walk properly so I am pretty much house bound and cant do much. I have devoted as much time as I can (health permitting) to invest in my project. I have made 2 game trailers 10 original soundtracks and I have recently completed the 1st Chapter of the story. (loads more to go dont worry) and I have always dreamed of making a game with my own music in. Well now I have. I cant draw very well yet I am still practing so I am using free to use sprites and backgrounds to make my games. 
I do everything myself other than that thou.

I am 36 and Live in england. I have met some lovely people on Twitter from the VN community i hope I also meet cool people here too.
My soundtrack from my game will be free for everyone to use in their own games in the future once I have completed my own game. 

Thanks for reading.

Hope to get to know you all!

Bye for now!


Hey guys, I'm Frisch Productions! I'm a cartoonist and animator, though I might make a game eventually.

Helou ^_^

I am one Aron Ben Elal - iamoneabe. Nice to be here! Decided it was about high time to enter the forums after doing a couple of online game jams :) I'm programmer by profession and that's what I do for money, but I have always dreamed of being a game music composer / Sound Designer and work with interactive music with WWISE snf FMOD etc. Interested in everything gamedev so message me nad I'll gladly check out your stuff ^_^ I tried to follow eveyone here, who had social media contact info. You can find me on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @iamoneabe - and here, naturally ("If we're here we can't be anywhere else" - Misty, Pokémon)

Hi, I'm MagicFool64, but you can call me Magic. Since I was a kid I wanted to make my own game, and now I want to seize the opportunity. I am a cartoonist too ;)

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Hmm. Seems like a good place to start.

Heya! Cool to be here and meet you all, hopefully this'll turn out well, I'm pretty new to this site and the community here, so it'll be great to see how things work around here.

I'm Achromatism, by the way. I create various things from music, art, poetry, maybe even some storytelling/writing, and hopefully in the future, animation.

My art skills have varied a little but generally are best demonstrated with pencil-on-paper traditional art from photorealism and anime-esque stuff to my own personal artstyle, as well as my pen-on-tablet digital art and monochromatic style.

With music, I've played around as a young self-taught pianist and composer on a concertina piano of sorts, and eventually migrated my way over to electronic music production and got a hold of Fruity Loops 11 by the age of 11 (hah, timing), and I've decided to run with my passion for music in a more serious manner ever since August of last year.

I'm more or less an amateur poet, rendering rough rhymes, and amassing alliteration just aft of sublime.

And with some of what I've envisioned, I wound up conjuring a story that represents my experience with life, and how I've perceived everything, as well as how people live their own lives. I've been really interested in finally making that vision come to fruition through my work, so, here I am.

I'd like to grow with you guys. Maybe this'll be a step for the better.

- - -

In the meantime, I have a couple things to share.

I've been releasing music for about a year now, you can check out the stuff I've made during that time on my Soundcloud page. I've actually just released a new song today as well, titled Apophenia.

And if you'd like to talk with me, whether you'd like to get to know me or have any inquiries of the sort, I prefer being contacted on Discord. My tag is Achromatism#9003.

Looking forward to get to know some of ya.

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