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Hello. Sorry but the Russian translation is unofficial, it's not something that's being worked on by the devs.

Try this one.

The one on the JPDE - Sonata of Fire page works. Old ones were disabled because of a Bot Raid.

Come to the Discord server for further technical help.

It is :)

Finish it. Then wait for the other projects. Or the sequel. :)


Heh. Not to my knowledge.

3.3 is already out for SuperPatrons. Tomorrow is going to come out for normal patrons and on Friday the 9th for everyone else.

End of September.

Check our main profile :)

It was a long road getting here, I guess :P

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In a patch ;) Not by default.

Hi! Well, yes. You can just paste the files in a cloud based storage like MEGA or OneDrive, no?

Please come to the discord server for tech help.

Hi! Well, right now, a whole lot of people! lol We add new dates each month according to a Patron-exclusive poll. :3

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A good morning from Italy! I'm Meinos Kaen, a guy who one day decided 'hey, this fanfic I'm writing could be a good base for a fan visual novel, I've been wanting to try my hand at coding!'. Three and a half years later, while having a conversation with my Co-Coder about the time allocation for our Concept Artist to get references to our Background Artist or if we wanted the CG Artist to make something up to quicken it, I realized: 'Aw, crap, I'm a Producer/Director now, am I not?'

So, the original fan-game is about to get completed and our team is now also working on other projects, including our own original game so I decided it was time to get in the itch community. We started in Renpy but are now moving to Unity. Nice to meet you all! ^^