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There is :)

We're sorry to hear about your issues. If you would like specific support, please come to the Community Discord Server.

Hello, Bellzama. Thanks for your question! We don't currently plan to translate it in Spanish but yes, further funding to the game allows us to do more things.

We're currently working on a new version of the game. It will come with an alternate link as backup. Sorry for the problem!

More or less :)

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Sorry to hear that. Upon which point does this happen? Like, what you were doing in the game when you get this error?

The only characters with dedicated endings right now are Ruby, Weiss and Pyrrha. Neo and Pyrrha have special endings but they happen no matter who you bring to the dance.

On your phone.

No, this wasn't designed to do 100% in one playthrough.

It was never supposed to be :) The team has been talking about it in the community for months.

That's not the only thing you need to do to unlock the lewds :) You also need to make a phone-call.

In-game, I mean.

Sorry to hear that. Please come to the Discord community for more support.

It's an Android APK :) You got to install it.

Hello, Zed :) It's a zip file, you need to extract it.

Ahahaha, meaning that the 4.14 is the minimum version needed to use the patch, not the maximum :)

It's a minimum, not a maximum :)

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Hallo, Monkey King! It's the Voice Over patch link!

A three years timeskip, a lot of stuff can happen. :) Wouldn't make sense for characters not to do things and progress as people just because plot didn't happen, no? :P

Sorry to hear that. Please come to the community Discord for further help.

Android instructions:

1) Get any file manager, “X-Plore” for example

2) Navigate to Internal storage/Android/data/com.lizzy.jpde/files

3) Create a 'game' folder.

4) Paste the RPA file in there.

PC/MAC/Linux Instructions

1) Download the RPA

2) Paste it in the 'game' folder.

If you've followed the instructions correctly, there shouldn't be anything else for you to do.

Hi, Night! You need to install the Voice Over patch.

Hello, Ace :D The MHA Fan-game has found its final form, so to speak, and it's now being worked on but it may not be like you remember from the demo...

Do you mean even with dash on?

Hey, Tre! Now, that would be a spoiler~ :P We can say that the party will be able to use abilities that aren't tied to their Semblances.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Regarding your status after Adam, we suggest using the save point in the corridor to replenish your health as you're not supposed to have any items as of yet at that point. You can recognize it as it's a pillar which shines green in the darkness and is covered in sparkles. It's the only object in the corridor with such characteristics so you can't miss it.

For the restart bug you mentioned, we'd need other information. Please come to the Discord community so we can help more properly there.

We need more information to help. Please come to the Discord server.

The new PC and Web versions have already been uploaded! There's also an alternate link for the first one!

Yes, it is! It takes place 3 years after the events of JPDE - Sonata of Fire!

Indeed! Apologies, it seems like the 'remove unused files' option on deployment is not reliable once you start using plugins... Now we know! Please don't hesitate to share further bugs!

Hello :) I'd suggest coming to the community Discord, there's a fan-made guide and plenty of people who can help :D

Instructions are on the download page :)

I see it is Android. You need to install the VO patch.

Hello. Sorry but the Russian translation is unofficial, it's not something that's being worked on by the devs.

Try this one.

The one on the JPDE - Sonata of Fire page works. Old ones were disabled because of a Bot Raid.

Come to the Discord server for further technical help.

It is :)