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hell dragon

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Love this game reminds of old school rpg in the style of Final Fantasy after beating the Cutie Mark Crusaders level the side missions with Twilight sparkle , Pinkie pie, Rarity and Fluttershy  when you go to the map of Ponyville  and try to go in it says Type error how do you fix this error love to play more of this game but is that what happens on windows 7 when you  try to get farther in the game ?

Awesome everypony  should know that pinkie pie song Cupcakes is pretty twisted but knowing her having a split personality is down right dangerous one pony want's to know where the fuck was Princess Celestia  when pinkie's dark side tried to kill the mane 5 friends anyway that game was awesome it also fit's the Cupcake song !

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Will you be making more my little pony fan games  ?  Anyway in my rainboom heart I'll try your20% cooler game I will surely like later!

tried your game cannot not play it does not work please fix ?

Love your awesome sex game but kind of confused of what does bloom and edge mean in the game options ?

Vonfawks love your game but I'm confused to why there is two different downloads one is the regular game but version 2 I couldn't get to work as the first one works fine ! So if I'm right the 2 version of the same game is the full nudity version but I maybe wrong oh well I enjoyed your game a lot .

would be cool if this short sex animation game was one of those run and rape games anyway good job !

Played again beat the demo anyway I'd thought it would be funny if bat males could be fucked in the game by dickgirl monsters maybe even Dragon types ?

I do all kinds of artwork myself hoping to get my adult comic published of Porno Animals ! NSFW comic enjoy in my profiles if you like Kerink !

yes I was and thank you !

I loved the game but I don't know why when to replay it after I downloaded it the game wouldn't work kept on saying that unityIII was missing from my computer and that I had to reinstall your game ! On a note of advice please fix your Unity III program in the future so others like myself and fans can enjoy thank you!

I laughed my ass off this is a funny parody adult version short game I loved when you the boy cum all over Toriel's face and she gets pissed off at you I enjoyed this game will you make more parodies like an adult version of Paw Patrol maybe but in the meantime keep up the awesome work Count Moxi!

boxman12 this run and rape game sounds cool Yagiko  Batrice  I'll check it out keep up the good work and maybe your games will sell to stores.

Hello, I really enjoyed all the work you guys put into games and comics keep up the good work. I'm a 48 year old brony fan of my little pony friendship is magic I dressed up as rainbowdash  7  years at conventions  so why I'm  I here I want to show the world my adult furry humor magical sex comic for a long time I've been trying to get my comic published for several years no success but I never give up on my dreams !  Any furry fans and gamers out there have tried your hardest out there to get a comic published and failed several times just keep rainboomin the clouds high and in your heart you'll succeed  !