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A topic by DJ Skittle created Aug 25, 2020 Views: 1,264 Replies: 4
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I tried to connect this game to patreon but it didnt work. Why?


Did it successfully log you in? The full build should be available for all users that are in the 2nd tier and up! Perhaps check to see if your pledge is active?

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It's still does the loading screen but everything is playing at the background... I'm not mad or anything, because I think I need to play the game on a different computer, so I think this is my fault on my end. (Plus the software was a little bit slow, I edit my other post too.)

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HELP! When i play demo and choose my character, it set to the loading page saying "Stage 1: Jungle"(or another level), the game is playing, but the picture is not moving. (Nor any animation moving at all, still on the loading page, and you can hear everything in the background, demo I think it's because my computer has a lot of stuff, plus I really think it's my fault on my end so I thank you for updating this game I know you did your best on this project.)

Thank you, and I really want to play this awesome game. 

I'm having the same issue, here. Can't log-in with my Patreon-Account and the Log-in Fix doesn't work either. I even shuted down my Anti-Virus Program and tried again. Don't really know what the issue is.