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Finally, Winterd Defense  v1.0.0. i've been working on it for 1 month and 2 weeks and i am very happy than i can do it. Thanks for your feedback here or on Twitter.


On this patch  i made 16 new levels and fixed some bugs and worked on balance. Yes i understand it's no a lot but it was very difficult, you need think up strategies, test it's and beat. I spend 1 day to make 2-4 levels. 

Future of WinterDefense2D

Now I want to take a break, and if the game gets a good FeedBack, I'm going to keep working on the game, such as adding MultiplayerAndroid version, even levels, and Mobs. If not, I'll start working on a new project (I have 2 ideas).

Good luck!

it's been a long time from my last devlog.  All this time i came up with new features and changed balance, wrote new music and more other thigs. 


Spider Queen - The strongest tank with regeneration


Evillry - Monster of range attack who imposes debuffs on enemy.


Pause  .

Pop-up text for damage and debuffs.

Two new soundtracks.

New background and menu image.



I also changed the price of updates and their effects and statistics, the prices of all monsters.


Now i think up new levels.



I understand) good luck.

bit more it's  over 2 years?:>

Patch v.0.3.4

Download game

It's been 2 weeks since the last patch, and I think it's time to release a new patch.


  1. New mobs: Pinirist, Blizdrag
  2. More graphic effect (some shaders and partical systems for bullets).

  3. Finished bestiary and now  you can see  the monster's name and description    

The game really need in checkpoints. Mechanic and art is cool.

Devlog 2

it's been week from my last devlog about patch v0.2.6 so i want to talk with you about updates in future patch.  

  • Let's start from graphic i have done animation for mobs and added partical system for bullets and the game looks more better now. 
  • Also i finally completed settings menu so i refused the standart unity launcher. 
  • Now mobs make sound while they attack.
  • Fixed some bugs

i have already done these things. Now i am working on new mobs who i called Pendir and Shaice and music. I think they will diversify gameplay and help me  think up  new strategies. i have attached some files from patch.  It's all see you in the next week.

Funny game.  I have known  penguins is evil. I am going to kill all of them.

cute funny game

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DevLog 1

Hello guys, after game jam i recieved a lot of positive feedback and i decided to continue work on my game. I want to relaise new patch every 1-2 weeks if i can. I need in your feedBack about game balance or you want something change. Lower you can see what's new in patch. i hope you will enjoyed.

Game page

Patch V0.2.3

  • New features 
  1.  Bestiary - now you can see stats about mobs in Menu.
  2. Icek - new mob whose bullets slows down enemies
  3. 6 level
  • Balance
  1. Time Upgrate now accelerates production by 0.3
  2. Snowik hp upgrade to 35
  3. IceSpider damage downgrade to 2.0
  • Bugs
  1. Fixed Krampus Animations
  2. Sprites for Bullets
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I dont wanna to risk
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Good idea but now game is easy i think you need add wave of Enemines.  About overlay that shows body temperature yes it was clear.

Thanks a lot))

Nice game!!

So i waited for 10 minutes and nothing happened.


Windows 10 , Google Chorme . I waited for 3-4 minutes. First i see loading but after just black screen. I will try again now.

Looks funny but i don't have Controllers and Friends so i cant play  this(((

Cool idea. I think if you will add some bonus or enemies it will make gameplay more interesing.

Nice fps but bullet so small i can't see i hit the target or no, maybe you should create some effects  when i hit target it will be more better. I found one bug when i stand in the platforms i can't jump.

Superb stategy i survived for 8 m 43s.

Okay for first time it was a little difficul but I have completed game in 3 time. So cool.

Game don't launch for me Just black screen

Thanks for playing. I am going release a patch with new mobs, new levels and a little changed balance in next few weeks.

Hey good Platformer.

Thanks Brooooo

Thanks for feedback :)

I glad you enjoy

Check out

Hmmm Game have to start in full screen mode no windowed(maybe bug unity). I will add launcher and you can change size.

Strange i as well, but i don't have this problem. Can you show me screenshot?

Hmm what is size of screen you use?

Very funny game. Cool Mechanic i enjoy it.

So Cool game, but some times he don't wanna jump, for example: when i run or when i colide with a wall not always. Game screen is a little bit offset and i can't move its i think it is a bug (i attach the screenshot).

I am not a fan of Visual Novels so i can't tell about dialog and plot but art  and music are great. About textbox yes it like me when it is visible.

Nice game i Think will be great if you made the game a little difficult.

Good platfromer but one problem if i will die in second level i start from tutorial it's sad. 

Graphic is good but control while jump is very uncomfortable.