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Thank you for your answer...I´m very excited to hear your opinion...btw I love you username ;-)

Hello, I would appreciate, if you could make a video of my current main project "Downtown Z"

If you want to try my other gaes, I could mail you download links to them...greetings from germany

Here is an official let´s play containing some spoilers

you can add the game to your collection with the button on the top right

"Downtown Z" is my main project - it is a first-person zombie shooter in a huge city...with the new update there are some new cool features like:

- a soundtrack of cool metal music from a professional band (Days of Grace - these guys are very cool)

- a money system

- hundreds of undead to kill

- melee weapons and firearms

- a camp with NPCs

- a big city to explore

- easter-eggs and hidden content (like a cheat room with all weapons for free, inifinite ammo and a Jetpack)

Please have a look at my free game and have fun (the game is still in development and I´ll add new content from time to time...

Ok, tha it was a good job ;-) -Thank you

Hello dino999z - I have no answer for you, but the same question ;-) I am developing a semi open-worlded zombie-themed first-person shooter and I have 107 downloads since I started to develop the game - the Problem is, I have no idea, if this is a successful game or not (I think it is more, than I expected but I have no idea, if it is "doing well")....greetings from germany

If you loved the music - I just updated the game with a whole new soundtrack of a professional band (the music in the game is now how it was intedend from the beginning...Yeah)...and with the feedback, I got from your video, I made some changes to make it easier to begin the game...Thanks for your video - it helped me very much (btw. the thing with the radar, showing the nurse, the merchant etc. was very much harder, than I thought, but I hope, I can get this feature in a future version in the game...Thanks for your video - it gave me great input and helped me to make the game better (please excuse my bad english, but I´m not a native speaker ;-) )

Grüße zurück aus Deutschland...Danke für Dein witziges Video (auch wenn es mir leid tut, dass es so frustrierend für Dich war)...die Sache bei dem Spiel ist die: man muss den roten Lichtern, die angehen zu dem Baum hinter der Spielerposition folgen (das Spiel ist ein wenig fies)...das Problem mit dem zu lauten Ssound muss ich nochmal überarbeiten (allerdings kann man es ein wenig leiser stellen, wenn man auf die Musikleiste unter Sound-Levels klickt)...Und zur Engine - Japp Game Guru hat echt Macken und Probleme aber der Einstieg war für mich relativ esay ich habe es als Einstieg in die Programmiersprache LUA benutzt

Vielen Dank für Dein Video - ich fand es echt unterhaltsam

Hey, no problem - time is money ;-) thank you for the video - I love´s funny to see you playing around with the ai (sometimes my zombies are behaving a little bit weird XD)

BTW - Your new video is AWESOME

I habe to tank you <3

Thank you - I hope, you enjoy it (it may have some perfomance problems, because it´s a little bit too big)

I love your youtube channel

Thank you for your video - this was GREAT...Congratulations - you´ve found all weapons and was fun watching...I also shared your video on my facebook-page...If you want, you can have a look at my main project "Downtown Z" (one of the clown zombies has a cameo^^)

Hello, Thank you for your game jam

Is it allowed, to post submissions, which are made for another jam? My maybe-submission was made and published in two days - so it is pretty short..I would like to join your jam with a horror-clown-themed game

Ok - I got the Problem: unfortunately the music is a little bit too loud on the default settings...I had to laugh loud at your John Wayne Gacy-comment...this video is pretty cool - I share it on my facebook-site...Thank you very much

Cool - Thank you for the video...If you wish so, I could send you the audio file from the soundtrack

thank you

Oh that´s bad, but I know the Problem very well - my computer isn´t a gaming pc and so I only can play my own games with the lowest resolution and minimum details :-(

Ah...I´ve forgotten this...ok, Im currently making a new Game for another Jam - maybe, it would be fairer, to submit this?

yes, it is...There are 6 huge main levels and (some hidden levels too^^) took me more than 3 month to create this :D

(1 edit)

It is already a self-extracting zip file...compressing it wouldn´t change anything of the file size - I could do it, if the file must have the ending *.zip

Thank you for your vote and feedback - The next update is coming!

Oh I forgot - I´ll be replacing the annoying music through annoying music ;-)

thanks for your video - I appreciate every single one

TDASP - is my first game - an oldschool first person shooter. I´ve used the software GameGuru, to build a basic shooter game with a great variety in level design. The setting is something between Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Zombie-Hunting ;-)

please take a look at my game

Thank you for your attentiom


Thank You for this video - it´s strange to see another one playing my game..some of the animations of those guys were buggy - it looks strange (you missed some of the hidden ammo and weapons ;-) ) the full version there are other (and not so buggy) enemies like zombies and a horror-nun...thanks a lot for your video and greetings from germany