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Thank you xMemex! :D I agree it would have been even better with an auto clicker utility heh :) Unfortunately this was only a mini jam like I say hehe so this game ends there, but I may possibly revisit and recreate this in the future ;)

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Why thank you kindly PepperCorn!! This was a fun little project to do and I immensely appreciate the compliment there my good friend!

I am currently developing a game called Sky Fighter which I look forward to polishing and releasing a much more up to date and well thought out demo for you all! :D

Howdydiddly! This is a nice technical showcasing you have here my friend! :D All I would suggest is a wider runway or less drag on the cube as the movement can make it very hard to gauge and control :)

Why thank you kindly for the kind words my good friend! I am glad you enjoyed the game! :)

I must say i agree with what you say with regards to being able to "Batch Purchase" the coups :) I do wonder here and there if this game concept is one I will revisit and develop a refined successor to this game with a lot more design efforts put in than just that of the 1 day :P

Indeed! :) CWGames is a very young indie name hehe so still in the learning stages with things too RE Recruitment etc, but in a way when are we not learning? :)

Fantastic! Well deserved judgement and right outcome! :D

XD I know right?

WOW What a disgusting desgrace to the industry! People work hard on these games and put their lives into it. You do not earn the right to resell their labours -_-

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FINALLY ready to open the doors! I am now recruiting Voluntary QA Testers! Currently I am working on a free to play arcade game` and EASILY plan on many more other types of projects in the future  ;)

If you are interested please do the following:

- Join the CWGames Discord =
- Please fill out this QA Application =

That would be an interesting oppotunity of creative experimentation! I would love to see that :D

Aaah yes I can whole heartedly agree there, especially with that last point RE motivation from others. It helps a lot to let at least close friends know about a game that you are working on and then you can chat with them and get them excited about it, which in turn gets you even more excited about it! :D

My friend you are very welcome! I look forward to seeing how this game develops! ;)

Hehehe I really liked this! And you know what? It actually had my heart thumping at one point! Beautifully done!

Howdydiddlington! Just found you through twitter and checked your page out :D This game looks like it will be entertaining and immersive! :D

Howdydiddlington! I just had a bit of a gander at Catacomb Chess And here is my feedback for you my friend!


With regards to the concept that you have acted upon here, I do find it interesting and I feel like it allows for a much more friendly way of teaching players the long term joy of that sweet table top game that is chess!


Now when it comes to the mechanics in this game, they do feel a tad confusing as well to be frank :S When playing with yo0ur pieces, I undrstand that you must restrict their movement to the checkerss of the board. The strange thing is though that I can pick my piece up and end the turn with it still in my hand, ready to kill a baddie :S

Aside from the above, as I mentioned the player pieces are restricted to the checkers, yet the enemies seem to be above the law of this mechanic :S As a result, this breaks away from the feeling of a chess emulation at all :S


With regards to the art style(s?) you went with in the execution of making this game, I do find myself quite puzzled :S To start with it feeld like I am playing a game visually akin to games like Diehard Dungeon, but as soon as I get to what I assume is the levels select screen, it is like the entire artstyle changes to a more simplistic black and white stencil format (with a lot of blank space :S Maybe some form of background instead of black?)
After going through that, colour is then injected back into the visuals, though this time it doesn't feel like that first art style anymore but still the more simplistic one. I think you may need to seriously ponder and potentially redesign visuals to make it all match better on screen? :)


The audio design within this title does feel like it is nicely balanced and feels like it is appropriate for the simplistic visual style! It provides a sense of retro influence which in a way helps the player to focus more on the mechanic of chess!


On the whole I think that this game is a good conceptual start towards something that could be grand and played many many times and get a following! However, in ita current state it does feel rather incomplete and almost rushed in places too. I wouldn't recommend this as a profitable game...YET ;)

There ya go my good friend! Apologies for the depth but I tend to go all the way when asked for feedback, and hopefully this is all actionable! I do have a game that I am in the middle of developing right now called Shapes in the Sky. I would be curious to see what you make of the demo I released a little while ago my friend!

Howdydoodlydeedle! Just had a little play of the game and I have to say I am enjoying it so far!

Straight off the first beautiful thing was the music that hit me with a wave of nostalgia! It specifically reminded me of the game Rastan on the Sega Mastersystem :P Ooo such fond memories that evoked!

When I took a look through the character selection screen, I straight off liked the fact of "Ok, this means possibly different play styles?" which IMMEDIATELY appealed to me! :D

With regards to the mechanics in the game, I think it is all pretty smooth but with one sticking point - Attacking enemies :) It is not clear as to how that works in itself. and as a result I find myself when walking into goblins one minute hitting them for that sweet moolah, and the next volunteering for a bit down with no idea how or why :S

The visuals in this game are all very beautifully executed and are all in keeping with the retro medieval theme of this game

Hello there my good ladies and gentlespoons! So as the title says, I would like to ask you folks whether you find it better to work on one game at a time or juggle multiple?

The main reason the question came to my mind was after finding not too long ago that I was in a way stuck into a loop of "tunnel vision" as it were. I found that for almost a month straight I had been working on a tiny cosmetic part of the game and lost sight of the bigger picture.

I decided I needed to step back and so I created my own form of game jam as it were heh. I did find afterwards that it did in fact help bring me back to the bigger picture when returning to my main game!

I am curious though as to what all of you good folks' views are on if it is better to work on one at a time,  or to juggle multiple games like I said to stop that "Tunnel Vision"?

Thanks for reading all!

It was my pleasure! I look forward to seeing what comes from Dino999z! ;) (Also thank you for that follow my friend XD)

Howdydiddly KohailDreamer, pleasure to meet ya!

I just played a few minutes of the game and I will start off by saying that I like the concept that you have gone with and I find the art style you used with it to be quite nicely interesting too! I did notice a few spelling errors in what I read in the small snippet I played though so I would recommend proof reading it or asking a riend to do so with a script?

I did find the difficulty to be a tad heavy VERY quickly in the first chapter so far, but that may just be me :) Keep up the good work my good friend! You have done a remarkable job :D

Indeed! It really connects and in a way works as a successful contradition of itself with the deep  and blunt messages combined with the playful and "Nice" visuals :P The only game so far I have donated for :P

An amazing thing about Watchdogs really was how much it connects to the vulnerabilities of the digital age right? Something that always in that game makes me freeze in awe for a moment is being able to see snippets of the lives of passers by with the mobile app :) How bare and free to access all of their dark secrets are O_O

Howdydiddly Caleb!

In my experience so far, working solo can be both a blessing and a curse with regards to the creative process. If you are a determined person then it is within your grasp to do all of the elements in some way and can provide a grand oppertunity to learn new skills too! The problem side comes from being your own worse critic and possibly bogged down with tunnel vision :/

I just finished the demo and DAMN What a tease! I want more! :P :P

LGUKGKGHUK WOW! Congratulations on a beautiful game my good friend! :D To see that you managed to create this game at least 97% off of just your own individual back? MAN you are a machine! Huge props to you my friend, and this gives me encouragement for my game as well in terms of working solo :P

Howdydiddlydeedly! first off, I love the idea of Haemoglobin Simulator 2020! XD

there are many deliciously splendiferous root concepts I have seen video games developed off of which is in itself encouraging in the industry! Talking triple A titles, one that I do love (on the core concept level) is the Watchdogs games. The idea of such technological vulnerability in learned hands is something that is a sobering thought in this day and age O_O.

With regards to games that you find on, there is one particular game I am holding high which is called "This Is Your Life Now" from More Mountains ;) This is a brilliantly simple game on the surface but as I found playing it, iit is actually very thought provoking!
In the game you play from childhood right to old age and death by walking forward! Simple right? Well, as you walk towards the grave, you will gain different life events like gaining your fiorst love, gaining bullies, and so forth. Each playthrough as well allows for such different possibilities as you can in the game at points choose whether or not you will take on certain events.

This is just a brief comment to do with a spelling error I just caught :P "Strenght" :)

But of course! I can understand just how much work goes into game design and development so I doff my proverbial cap again to you! Did you produce this solo or di a team or you work on this solo?

That'll be nice to see! Shall watch my feed ;)

Oooo I look forward to it! :D


My name is Andy and I am a game designer with his finger in many different pies :P I am slowly getting back into it after a few years after graduating from university with an honours degree in Computer Game Design :P

As I said, I am a jack of all trades as it were for the most part and I am also a very resourceful person who learns well when the occasion arrises :D

Howdydoodle! I just tried out your game and only got so far in a mo but will play more!
This story is becoming more and more gripping! With the visual and music style that you have very artistically woven together in my view, I can't wait to continue my save game tomorrow!

Seriously I do have to say that I take my proverbial cap off to you my friend! This is a brilliant first game and you have a new fan! :D

Aaah I see! Thank you very much for providing the fix! :D :D :D What inspired you to create this? :

This was an eventful and fun game to play! I like the art style you have applied to this and also the randomized feel to the dungeon too! 5 / 5!

Had a nice bit of a play on this game and I enjoyed it a lot! Very addictive with simple controls and clear instruction! Here are some points I have of feedback :)

1 - The game could potentially do with the pause function being something you can toggle with ESC.
2 - I feel like the option to toggle music could do with being in the pause state too.

I downloaded and had a good bit of a play of this game, and to be honest I really like the concept of haunted tetris! It works really well and helps to randomise my tetris experience :P

Aah yes that is completely fair enough lovely ^_^ Here ya go!

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Hi there! I purchased and downloaded the engine but when I ran it and clicked play I got this error :S

I had a fun eperience playing this though I must say I felt deflated at the end unfortunately :( I feel like with more investment into its narrative, this game could come along much farther! :) Also I have a couple of points :)
1 - The jump mechanic can feel stunted and stuttery when trying to jump ontop of a rock. This results in the jumop stopping before you can jump high enough to mount the rock.
2 - I If you move at all whilst using the pickaxe, the action is interrupted.

Good base for all sorts of plots and a decent model to go from with for the most part smooth mechanics! 3/5

Hopwdydiddly! I like the feel of this game as it is being developed :) The environments feel very condusive to the basketball theme overall and the design of the seperate courts feels nicely thought out too! I do have some criticisms however, taking into account that this is an experimental build :)

1 - The Basketball throwing mechanic does feels rather clunky in its animation.
2 - The physics of the basketball feel as though the ball is as light as a feather as it deflects. Maybe added weight to it?
3 - The throwing controls are not very intuitive and does not communicate too well until doing it a few times. Maybe using an angle rather than ball placement to throw would help?

I overall like the feel of this game and you have done marvelously considering this is an experimental build :D 3.5 / 5 :)

hehehe this is a nice game and is coming along grand so far! I do have a few points of feedback if I may :)

1 - I do notice that the attack animations lag a tad behind the actual sound, causing it to feel like a delayed button response.
2 - Something I notice was that when you are backed into the side of the training room by an enemy, you are unable to jump over him? :S
3 - The slimes in the adventure mode for some reason make a human death noise when vanquished?

Overall this is a nice gameplay experience! I look forward to seeing it develop :D 4 / 5 :)