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Hi all !

A topic by KohaiDreamer created 10 days ago Views: 58 Replies: 3
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Hi all! I am KohaiDreamer, a hobbyist developer. I am 37. Two years ago, I started to learn video game development by watching tutorials and reading forum on the net. I just finished my 1st project Nightmare Therapy made with the 2D Game Kit's Unity. It's available for free. If you are interested in playing, feel free to give me your feedback. This will help me to improve for my future projects. Thanks in advance ;)


Howdydiddly KohailDreamer, pleasure to meet ya!

I just played a few minutes of the game and I will start off by saying that I like the concept that you have gone with and I find the art style you used with it to be quite nicely interesting too! I did notice a few spelling errors in what I read in the small snippet I played though so I would recommend proof reading it or asking a riend to do so with a script?

I did find the difficulty to be a tad heavy VERY quickly in the first chapter so far, but that may just be me :) Keep up the good work my good friend! You have done a remarkable job :D


Hi CWGames, nice to meet you.

Thank  you for testing my game and for your nice comments ;)

Sorry for the spelling errors, I am french :) I expected to have corrected all of them in my game.  You're right, it would be better to double check with friends ( especially speaking better english than me ;) )

And thanks again for your feedback!

Merci ;)

My friend you are very welcome! I look forward to seeing how this game develops! ;)