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Hi ! I love it. I am a hobbyist developer. I am not musician at all, but I have been able to do the musics of my 1st game with this great tool. The game is published on .  It's a free 2d adventure platformer: Nightmare Therapy. If you want, feel free to give me your feedback on the musics, and anything you want ;)

Hi CWGames, nice to meet you.

Thank  you for testing my game and for your nice comments ;)

Sorry for the spelling errors, I am french :) I expected to have corrected all of them in my game.  You're right, it would be better to double check with friends ( especially speaking better english than me ;) )

And thanks again for your feedback!

Merci ;)

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Hi all! I am KohaiDreamer, a hobbyist developer. I am 37. Two years ago, I started to learn video game development by watching tutorials and reading forum on the net. I just finished my 1st project Nightmare Therapy made with the 2D Game Kit's Unity. It's available for free. If you are interested in playing, feel free to give me your feedback. This will help me to improve for my future projects. Thanks in advance ;)

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Hi all,

I just released my first game: NightmareTherapy. It is an adventure 2D platformer made with Unity, including 5 chapters, doable in 1~2 hours.

Arthur is a young boy disturbed by nightmares. His doctor, Mr. Grimb would help him. However Arthur has difficulties to remember details when he wakes up. So , Dr. Grimb requests from him to draw the nightmares.

Will you dare following Arthur in his sleep disorders?

For those  who would try it, I hope you'll enjoy.

Because it's a game I've done during my free time. I hope it will whet your curiosty on Arthur's sleep disorders.

Feel free to give me your feedback.  The game is available in english and french.

Thanks in advance.