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Howdydoodlydeedle! Just had a little play of the game and I have to say I am enjoying it so far!

Straight off the first beautiful thing was the music that hit me with a wave of nostalgia! It specifically reminded me of the game Rastan on the Sega Mastersystem :P Ooo such fond memories that evoked!

When I took a look through the character selection screen, I straight off liked the fact of "Ok, this means possibly different play styles?" which IMMEDIATELY appealed to me! :D

With regards to the mechanics in the game, I think it is all pretty smooth but with one sticking point - Attacking enemies :) It is not clear as to how that works in itself. and as a result I find myself when walking into goblins one minute hitting them for that sweet moolah, and the next volunteering for a bit down with no idea how or why :S

The visuals in this game are all very beautifully executed and are all in keeping with the retro medieval theme of this game