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Hi, I’m on ChromeOS, running the Linux Terminal, yes, I have permitted execution of the file in the terminal, but every time I try to run it, I get this error message:

/tmp/.mount_pixelbL6FXcX/pixelbox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m not sure what else is there to do, I’ve checked my files and it seems like it’s in the right spot to be detectable by the kernel, yet it still does this, anyone have a way to fix this?

thank you

I really love the concept, and the story is real neat, there are some nitpicks I have like, for example, sometimes I'm not sure where I can place, I can't really tell the difference between most of the modes, probably because i don't have the attention span, it's hard to really understand how to fight back against attacks because of the font, the art style is really cool actually, would recommend!

ok, this game is fun and all, but i encountered two glitches while playing

1. For a bit, I always seemed to jeer to the right, and get stuck in the healthbar, and I'm not able to use any attacks while it's happening, so..

2. I keep getting stuck at Battle 3 for some reason

very fun and hectic game, but because of the spawn rates and the snowmen attacking your fire while you're out getting supplies is honestly really frustrating, but it looks real nice, and it's fun, soooo

i see you didn't last too long

I feel like this, and the original iii share the same problem of not really having a sense of direction, idk i didnt really get far so maybe there's a minimap at some point

but i honestly love the visuals, it's sad, but just the right amount of sad so that you aren't bawling your eyes out, and the music pairs with it perfectly (i honestly prefer the music in this demake because i love me some chiptune)

9.9/10 confusing, cute, a little bit sad, would play again

This game is actually really hard like even if it uses the Megaman X wall jump, it's still really hard because of the tight spaces, but the game is really aesthetically pleasing

10/10 would play again!



press tab

this was from me who didn't bother with Arcade Mode, because fuck that
if you know what you're doing, it's really fun, bump it up to 8.7!


iiiiii like this

Honestly, this game's really, really, really fun, honestly it could work really well as an endless arcade-like game but, sadly isn't the case, the graphics are pretty good even if the limitations of a 4x4 space, either way, give it a try, its awesome


i wonder if the stars taste like warm milk

10/10 very solid and fun, playable for hours, maybe

ok so im back and played this again 

and i have some more words

very solid sprite-art

very bouncy and good animation

fun little challenge with dumb controls and i love it

speedrun material

now i feel like it's more of a 9.7/10 

solid game very


yooo going so fast that the whole thing literally cannot comprehend it is so fun
and there's something really anime about everything freezing for a few seconds when 2 balls collided

Penguin Capitalism  Simulator, it's pretty easy to get fish fast, just spend your money on polar bears and you got moneeeeeey 

the slowdown kinda scares me ngl

tetris the rpg? 9999999999999999999 outta 10

a game about getting as high on shrooms as possible, 100000000000000.10/10 masterpiece

very slime, much wow (does somethin' happen if you leave the slimes without food?)

I have done it, I completed this game and then went back to the beginning,  i feel accomplished 

it wont load

well, that's sad ;-;

feels more like golf, but either way, really fun '-'d

the greatest stealth game of all time ^-^

Thank you, I also have some suggestions like a tournament of some sort maybe..... idk it's your game, do whatever you want 

Um....,Hello,  My Name is Turbo as you can see, i'm just a player of games at the moment but hoping to get into making games ^-^

I was searching for rhythm games made with PICO-8 and i found this, Really enjoyable and addictive, One of my personal fav games, Check It Out ^-^:

is that a bad thing?

8/10 weird controls but solid game ^w^

10/10 unique and pleasing to look at, Recommended Way to play: After completing the game, go back to the very beginning

maybe add more non kirby friendly levels to make it harder

idk with story 10/1

7/10 the mouse only controls are bad

tetris but better 10/10 would play again