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Avocado's Crazy Castle

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Check it out!! I have my very own game called, "Avocado's Crazy Castle!" Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for FREE! This game is filled with fast falling action and you play as ME! WOOHOO! Filled with 26 awesome levels and a SUPER SECRET final level! Get the high-score before time runs out!



HELLO! Welcome to Avocado’s first official game, “Avocado’s Crazy Castle.” This game is filled with fast falling action. You play as Avocado the Puppet as he tries to catch items falling. Filled with 26 levels and a SUPER SECRET final level. Get the high-score before time runs out!

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Never a time frame exactly we would work together on ideas based off of what we both wanted.

Sometimes he would come to the table with a game idea and we would work on that for a while.
Sometimes he would say he wants to bust out a game in 1 day maybe 2, if possible.
Sometimes I would have a project I would have been working on for a while and I would just ask for some artwork to put over my game in return.

I always would want my artwork in a few days, but he wouldn't start working on the art til the game was near finished most of the time.

Not always but sometimes he'd like a game programmed in a few days, unless it was a big game,.
Our big games generally took about a month each to build. The more we made games the better we got at optimizing code and well everything.

I wouldn't recommend spending over 2 months on a game at most, especially when you are starting out, this will feel like an eternity if you are like me.

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Perhaps I misread the first post and the title of the discussion. I was not trying to hijack the thread.

I was reading other threads and it said that your game can't be recongnized by unless a game has been downloaded before.

I appreciate this site, and that's not a huge thing to be upset about but it seemed related to the thread.  I am still new to this site and was trying to participate.  Thank you.

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I use to spend a month working on someone’s game ideas for $50-$100 per month but they also did the artwork and beta testing, and sometimes there beta testing would make the project drag on and on, but I just felt like I was making a resume, a friend, and a little bit of extra cash.

I was in high school so it’s not like this was how I was making a living yet.

I posted a game and it doesn’t show up in the search or on any kind of portal :/

I don’t know how they manage the system I guess.

Hi my name is Jordan 

You can call me bloo or blooapple

I spend a lot of time making games, grew up making flash games when I was in high school and college,  I took a long break, and I just recently picked up Unity and have started creating 2d games with it and I pretty much spend all my time with that or with my dog if I’m not working.

I am a big Nintendo fan, I have a Wii U and my latest game I been playing is Paper Mario color splash. I am interested in learning how to make 3D games. I also want to design my own website and learn to draw... there is always so much to do!!

Looking forward to posting my first app on the App Store soon, I hope I make a good enough game that every one can enjoy.

Dodging Beats

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controls are pretty hard on a keyboard, but the graphics look amazing and the video looked awesome, I wish I could get past the beginning...

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I just released my first game made without a tutorial here on it's a game I've always been dying to make.

You have to dodge all the beats to the music that spawn as enemies.  It's got 10 levels, but some of the levels can be pretty intense.  It's a big creative collaboration I put together a bunch of artists from and a bunch of artist from into one game.  

Hope you guys enjoy it, and let me know what  you like, don't like, or what songs you'd like to have in the game.

I also would like any suggestions on how to make my page look better, or any tips if you think this would pass if I upload this to Apple, Android or Steam.  I am a little nervous about getting rejected lol.

This is a really cute game, pretty hard too.

I tried to run this and it says  you need to update it for it to be available on mac.

By the way the preview looked amazing.

Visually appealing, really thought it was going to be great but the gameplay feels odd.

Thank you! I ended up getting game maker so I can try it.  It's pretty cool, these ideas are great! 

can you make this work on mac?

This is amazing