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Haha thank you! ^-^ If you want to chat more, feel free to contact my discord!

As for this game jam, I have not been able to work on it yet because I'm finishing up a project for my architecture study. Tomorrow will be the final presentation though, and after that I'm free for a week so that's when I'll start working on it.

My immediate first thoughts with the theme were reveal were a walking simulator where NPC's constantly mock you for not being able to actually feel any temperature changes and you can only pretend to know what it's like behind your pc. Considering the time I have though, I might just make a simple short poem you walk trough with similar ideas instead. We'll see. ^-^

If you enjoy my funky stuff, I am currently setting up a neocities page so feel free to check that out here:

Good luck with your own project and once again feel free to contact my discord: @Frisout#3517. We also got a Solo Team DM chat atm which you might like to join.

Once again thank you for your nice message ^-^ Cya! <3

1. Hey! I'm Frisout and boy do I love to introduce myself, though I think a quick look at my profile will introduce me a lot better than his :3

2. Nope! This is the first gamejam I'm joining :D. I want to join because I love the entire relaxed vibe of being able to create whatever the heck you want, just experimenting  without any judgement at all about it being unfinished or not polished. For this reason I also prefer non-ranked jams. I don't come for competition, I come for the creation. I also love to see how differnt people can interpret the same idea differntly, and I love the social aspect of meeting new people and getting to know their thought processes trough this ^-^

3. The game that first sparked my interest in making games was when I played The Beginners Guide back in 2016. After this I started making some walking simulators myself and stuff took off from there. My all time favorite game is Hypnospace Outlaw. Game of the year 2019 for sure please check it out if you haven't already ^-^. Overall I guess the type of games I love most are the ones which bring unique experiences. I don't game that much myself but when I do I always do it for experiences, stuff to think about ya know.. c;

4. I sure do! I have experimented with Game Maker Studio when I was little but really my game making experience has always been in Unity. I made some wacky walking simulators and my first released game is Lizard Run which is currently downloadable on the google play store. It's a very simple 1 tap game meant for your time killing needs. Currently I'm working on my next mobile game in a similar style but vastly differnt, more involving gameplay: Snail Colony! :D

5. Art! Everything art. I'm currently studying Architecture at the university of Delft, I paint and I play guitar. The games I find most enjoyable are the ones which really start to fall into the artistic categorys, and that's also the aim whenever I am creating a game c:

6. Having an amazing time! I would love for this jam to be an amazing start on my game jam journey. I already know that it will be. It fits my wants from game jams perfectly, it's meant for starters on jams and the 2nd week will be a week I am free from uni, so this'll be perfect! :D

Thank you for reading! Please check out my short profile as that does introduce me the best really :3

Cya! ^-^

Hello! I could write a lot here but I personally think my short profile will explain everything a lot better than what I can write here, so feel free to check that out! I don't have any games to download yet but I did put some effort into this still 😅