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Great stuff! Just the right difficulty I think, and lots of clever uses of the mechanics.

Unfortunately it's made of multiple carts so that's probably not an option.

Love this game!

The amount of original enemies you've managed to invent off of the main mechanic is incredible! Very well designed. I especially loved the final boss, although it was certainly infuriating at times.

An incredibly unique concept. So many interesting things happen as extensions of the main, simple mechanics.

So hard though, lol! Only managed to get 34, and some people are out there getting 300.

Hyped x2

Bug - The big guys will sometimes fail to collide (sometimes partially) through bridges

Is it possible to legally marry a video game?

Nice to see games made with Pico!

This game has a really nice message, and is well made.

I understand that this game is pessimistic, but to some extent it is rightfully so. Many people face the challenges the characters face in this game.

Additionally, nowhere in this game does it claim that the character's stories are the stories of all people who share their origins. Instead, it simply asks the player to consider someone's past and the potential challenges they may have faced before judging them.

There are certainly problems with this game, but considering it was made in a week, and that it was made with admirable intentions, you should think twice before judging it too harshly.

I love the concept, very original. My one quarrel is with controls, which were very floaty. I would have ended up playing more, but by the 3rd level I was tired of dying even though I had solved the puzzle. I'm very impressed with how you mixed the theme with the limitation.

Really cool game. The art is not exactly what I'm used to, but it all worked together really nicely.  The level design led me astray many times, but I still ended up playing the whole thing, which is pretty rare for a jam game.

I'm glad you noticed the eyes that follow the mouse. I spent at least half the jam on that lol

This is hilarious!

Thank you for the feedback. This is a known glitch that I am working on fixing. In the meantime, if you'd like to play again, shaking the mouse around really fast generally fixes that problem for some reason.

Very cool concept, made for interesting gameplay

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Scuttlers are swarming, and not only are they raucous and disobedient, they are also highly combustible. Strummingbird must play them a lullaby to put them to sleep and send them back to their home.

Strummingbird is a top-down, action, high-score-seeking game made for minijam #107

Love how every new thing added to the game actually improves it. Keep up the good work!

got a weird glitch where I spawn here. The game is awesome btw!

Beautiful and fun as always!

woah that was hard. But what a sense of accomplishment!

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One crash though when I parried a meat-thrower and its meat at the same time. Not sure if that was the cause but who knows :D

Edit: got the crash a few more times. Also, when fighting the Imp, a similar glitch occurred that did infinite damage to the Imp on a parry.

awesome game! got a highscore of 135 (is hard)!


The theme can be freely interpreted or even ignored. Only the limitation is mandatory


beautiful, I must say I didn't completely understand the plot, but it seemed really lovely and I don't think it really mattered that I didn't. Loved the ducks and the rhymes, they were my favorite part!

Imagine walking back up this hill

Amazing! I've never even used puzzle-script before but I would not have believed this was possible.

I've read all the comments, but I still can't figure out what to do... could you tell me a bit about how it works so I can give it a try?

Thanks for the detailed comment! I'm glad you liked the palette choices, that was definitely my favorite thing to put in the game.

I wasn't planning on making a devlog, cause I wouldn't know what exactly to put in it, but it's definitely in my mind now that you mention it.

 Confusion on how exactly to avoid the cogs seems to be a common complaint with the game (something I would like to fix at some point perhaps), but you can avoid the cogs by hiding behind trees.

The high score goes up because if you wait too long the factory will begin to die. If the factory dies you won't gain health until you get it more gems.

And sorry about the ending, that was a feature we planned on adding, but we never got around to it.

Some things on you can use:

1. post your game in release announcements. Not exactly sure, but this seems tied to whether or not your game goes in the "fresh games" section of the front page

2. make devlogs for updates and releases and whatever else you'd like

3. join game jams where your game will get some notice

4. make your page look really fancy. This will be one of the first things a potential player will see so it's good to make sure it looks amazing. Depending on what you want to do, custom css might help

I hope this is helpful to you :) it's just what I have learned from making games here

Thanks! There is no power, it was feature we didn't have time to add :)

Nice, smooth mechanics, and fun graphics. A good game :)

When I looked it said "the devolper has not uploaded anything here" but it seems to have been fixed now.

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Looks like people have been able to play the game but there doesn't seem to be anything to download...

I noticed you recently updated the game. Did you accidentally remove your uploads?


Art and animations are so smooth and pretty! The game got pretty hard pretty quickly, but it was definitely rewarding when I finished a level!