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Future College Dropouts

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Feeling kinda attacked rn,  but it's having a weird effect on me... o.O

You look kinda familiar, but it might just be a coincidence... I've heard of this game, "undercooked" or something, it sounds like a good collab possibility ;)

Wow, we should subscribe to this guy, he looks good

A thoroughly enjoyable and unique experience. Highly recommended training to prepare for the event of sudden bonelessness.

Absolument magnifique et terrifiant! Une expérience cinématographique et inoubliable.

We would highly recommend this game, it was terrifying and downright unforgettable.

Fantastic game, really beautiful exhibition of the same art style of Bendy, yet a completely different playing style, displaying the versatility of JD Studio. Addictive, and surprisingly difficult. Can't wait to play through all the days!

A great experience, as expected from such an esteemed company! We've only played the first few chapters, but we can't wait to post parts 2 through 5 soon!

Absolutely stunning graphics, intriguing and open-ended storyline, and fascinating manipulation of your surrounds come together flawlessly to morph into the experimental masterpiece that is Contemp. The curious twists are endless and entertaining, and we highly recommend immersing yourself this conceptual experience.

We're so excited to check out the update, as we're working on the review video featuring Alien Life Labs right now! Congrats on the great work!

Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to us :)

Thanks for the thrilling game! Beautiful visuals, horrifying concept, and brilliant execution. Nous aimons vos jeus, faites plus s'il vous plait!

We would love to check out your game, it looks really promising and it's clear you've put a lot of work into it! We can't to try out Downtown Z, and will definitely let you know when we're ready for more games! :D greetings from the states!

Your games look so cool and retro! We'd love to check them out and let you know what we think, we'll notify you know when the video's up ;)

Thanks for your reply, we're always looking for great games to play for our channel! Can't wait to check out some of yours :D

Thanks likewise for the game, and for checking us out! Keep doing great things :)

Thank you for checking out our video! We really appreciate the support, and loved the game btw! Can't wait to look into more of your work :D

Fun little game, loved every second! Thank you for the festive vibes!!!

Adorable graphics and funny concept! We loved this game, and would highly recommend this addictive little Santa road rage simulator! (2nd half of video)

One of the most unique takes on Christmas gaming we've seen! Very thoroughly put together, an overall immersive experience, as well as a playful one. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a little time and a lot of patience!

Unexpected and adorable! Great graphics and minimalistic gameplay make for a cozy adventure! 

We would love to review your game, thanks for reaching out to us! Since we're still young youtubers and are doing these promotions completely for free, would you mind emailing us a key at We would greatly appreciate it!

Hey, thanks for reaching out! Your game looks fantastic, and we can't wait to try it out! We also really appreciate your offer to share our video, as it majorly helps us to continue giving back to the community and keep doing what we love!

Hi again! We are actually going to debut an exciting new indie review series in the coming year, and we will definitely let you know when your game will be featured! Looking forward to it ;)

Fantastic game! Really deep but manages to relay a message without shoving it down the audience's throats. Beautiful and thrilling, definitely convinced us to consider checking out your other games! Thank you for this masterpiece.

Great, minimalistic game, really fun and trippy! We'd really appreciate any feedback on our Let's Play, so bring some popcorn and a flashlight!

(it's the second half of the video!)

Hi, thank you for reaching out to us! We would love to get involved with your work, could you please give us a preferred way to contact you? 

Thank you so much for your sincere comment! It really brightened our day.

We would love to check your game out, and from what we've seen so far it really does look unique!

We will be in contact with you via Instagram to discuss the next steps!

Hi, thanks for reaching out to us (and complimenting our name)!

Your game looks incredible, and we're excited to give it a try!

As we're providing a free service, we would really appreciate if you would email us a key or a demo so we could review your game at Much obliged!

Interesting concepts and cute execution! Just tricky enough to keep us guessing!

(third game in the compilation)

(1 edit)

Creative game, beautiful visuals and hilarious commentary! Basically did our job for us. Also really glad that the ending wasn't in any way scary or traumatizing, very festive with no spooks whatsoever. (2nd game in the compilation)

Great game, really creative concept! We love the fact that the visual distortion gets worse the longer you play, that aspect makes it really unique! We loved playing it and hope you keep at it!

Of course! You're our friend and we're so excited for your achievements!

Thanks so much for your response! It was almost impossible not to have fun while playing :D

We would of course love to test any projects of yours, you can contact us here or on discord if you have one! Future College Dropouts#0144

Thanks for replying to our post! Your English is so good that it makes our English look terrible! :D

It's awesome that you're involved in so much cool stuff, and we'd love to try out your game! 

We've got plenty of lake effect weather here, so we're with ya on that one :D

Your hobbies sound super cool, and we'd love to check out some of your VNs!

Thank you soooo much for your support, it means a lot to us! ESPECIALLY the incoherent screams part, because we are strongly opposed to that philosophy :D

We're excited for more videos too, and are working extra hard during the Christmas season! Feel free to share any recommendations you may have :)

Nice to meet you! It's very exciting that you're working on a project, feel free to let us know when it's complete because we'd love to check it out! And as for friends, you've just made two :D

Hey it's us! Just wanted to say, we're really proud of your game and will definitely be playing it for our channel! Keep up the good work :D

It's great to hear from you, Aidan! Your comment and offer are greatly appreciated, and we have reached out to you via email for more information. We are excited to work with you on your incredible project!

It was so kind of you to check out their game as well! And your good review only makes us more excited to check it out for ourselves :)