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Hey Alarkus, I'm really interested in doing an Item Location walkthrough for all of the important key items and even items of less significance that still have applicable use. Is there any literature one can use to track these items down?

Did part 2 today :) thanks for the tip, Alarkus! 

I have a Discord that's basically a place where Youtubers can share their content, Designers can market their work, and developers can share their games. If you're interested in joining then send me your YouTube Channel, Portfolio, or link me to the games you've developed. It's by recruitment, so I'll review your stuff and if I like what I see then I'll invite you into the fold. Thanks, guys.

This game is so scary that if gave me glass bones and paper skin. It made me break my arms every morning, and every afternoon I broke my legs. It gave me heart attacks until I was lulled into a shallow, painful sleep. 

Not gonna lie, I made it nowhere in this game. It lulled me into uncontrollable rage because I'm awful at platformers xD I thought it was great, though! It was fun, funny, designed well, and the mechanics were good. It wasn't no mario ice level bullshit where things are too slippery. So good work! Keep it up, bud!

This Punny game was an absolute delight! This game might be the only indie game I plan on doing more than one part for! :) Hope Act two is just as awesome and creative. 

Had a fun time playing this game! It was super challenging! Keep making these kinds! 

This game lulled me into a false sense of security and then devastated me... It was good! Only issue was the big door in the first room xD I didn't know it was a door. 

Played the Game on my Channel and it actually scared the crap out of me a few times!! Czech it out my friends 

PS. I really wanted into the safe

Hellloooo! My name is VioletBlaze and I'm a new Youtuber looking to bring traffic to your games so that you can receive recognition and feedback. I mostly look for horror games, atmospheric ones with a nice story, but I'm also interested in funny yet full games too. If I can play your game for at least ten minutes and get laughs and/or scares, then I'll upload it to my channel and give you some help. So please, link it to me!

Played the game on my channel! I really enjoyed it even though it totally kicked my ass! Keep making good stuff! :)

There is so much I don't understand about this game xD but it was funny so I wanted to direct some people to it. Good job making it, guys!

I am starting a new channel, and I'm really just looking for people who would be willing to let me upload a video of their game. I try to keep language clean and to make sure to pay homage to the dev. It's good for a free promotion. I know it won't be all that popular because it's a new channel and all, but anything helps you guys, right? Go ahead and link me to your game if you want to see me do an LP. If you want to watch, my channel holds the same name as my Itch account.