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Duuuuuude,maaaaaate...great job!!! Keep up the good work!!!!! This is awesome!!! 😱

Now I see hahaahha!Didn't realised it!Thanks!

can you make attack animation please?

It doesn't work.I found other Rogue DOS game months ago,but it was full of bugs. xD

Why did you remove the file?Now I cant download the game...

No problem.I will wait. ^_^

take your time,no stress.

Windows 7

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I still cant see exe file...i am using it because of that? 0.0

Where's the exe?

If someone have problem with Jungle Background,cut left corner of the image,because it has white and gray line.

How to run it in Fullscreen?

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I realy like this game!Keep up the good work!!

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I see what is yours need to press Space everytime you hit it.

Thank you very much!!! ^_^

Thanks for explaining!!! ^_^

Realy awesome game!Only thing is that I don't know how to move that box.But overall,5 stars!Keep up the good work! ^_^

Its realy awesome game,only complain I have(which is not even important) is character animation.I like the music and style of the game,and if You fix that minor problem,you have the fan of the game!Keep up the good work! <3 <3 <3 

Graphics get 4 stars,because of animation of character.Its just my opinion,otherwise,the game is realy enjoyable and fun to play!Keep up the good work!

Its fixed now! ^_^

Thank you very much for this wonderful sprites!!!

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I am never been so excited in my life as now!Can't wait for Sunday. ^_^

The best software ever!I am big fan of Game Boy Color games,and now I can make my own game?!I am so excited!This is so awesome!!!!!!

I realy like this!I will use for one of my animations!Thanks a milion!

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This assets pack is so awesome.Keep up the good work!!! I also made a game called Key Of The Dungeon,if You want to check it ^_^

Hello,my name is NeiDneX and I am making games.I made 6 games,and many new games will come.I am currently focusing on my game Kyfighter,and I will update it from time to time.I realy like developing the games,and I hope that others will enjoy playing them. ^_^

Oh lol hahahaha!When I search for it,post didn't show bad...and thanks for responding and help! ^_^

Hi all,I post the question in the wrong section and its deleted,so I found this one.What specifically I am searching for is the Browser game with resolution 800x600 because I want to see how it looks like,and I need it for my future browser games which I want to make.So is there any browser game with 800x600 resolution on 

Hello,I just wonder is there any Browser game on that runs in 800x600 resolution,because I want to see how it looks like.

Piskel is good too:

Nice assets,it would be awesome if You make something like Frostmourne styled weapons too.I will use this weapon assets in future,and credit You aswell.Great job!

I will use it for my game.My cat died on summer 2012,and with this cats,I will make a town in his name,because he was my best friend.Thanks for making this sprites!You make me feel sad and happy now!

Oh my god!Thanks for making this sprites!I realy needed the skeletons ones,since I want to make that You need to defeat evil skeleton boss.Thanks you very very much!!!