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I would leave the game as it is (it's great!) and put all the new things into a sequel. I know, roguelikes are a great bucket to be filled with strange ideas. I did a little one (long ago) where the battle system was a game of dice, the lands were littered with casinos and you could find fungi to poison yourself, so you became aware of hidden objects in the map. Fun times. ;)

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Excellent mini roguelike. Made it to lv 30. :)

And no bugs so far. ;) Can you have sword & shield at the same time? I'd love to see future updates, with a real ending/goal and a purpose for the gems maybe.

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Neat game. There's more depth to it than I initially thought. ;)

I noticed 2 bugs: there was one instance where enemies overlapped (or cancelled each other out?) and once the game crashed (v4) after switching to a new level (player char invisible, 3 map squares at the bottom right uncovered).

Also the delay when moving is too long,

I like to play faster. ;)

There are a bunch of typos in the German language version:

  • Eisstellungen(!) -> Einstellungen (main menu)
  • Deutsche -> Deutsch (language settings)
  • Musiklautstärke only has one 'e' at the end.

Maybe you can fix those. :)

#metoo. (ahem) Stuck at lv5. I hope there'll be a fix eventually.

Done. (send to resetc64 at gmail com)

What happened to my entry?

Thanks. (don't expect too much though ;D)

I will have a look (if I can find it :). I made my own CB inspired game where you don't crush the city but carefully fire to hit targets and then a final detonator that totals the city in one nice ASCII explosion. :D

There's a small bug, I think: In the options menu, you still can go to an invisible 4th option.

(well done otherwise, maybe you can add a highscore save feature, so the crackers don't have to :)

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Demoscener & mini game developer from Germany. Been at it since 199x; started on 8bit machines, went on to MS-DOS, went on further to Windows. I mostly release source-only mini games on my github page, usually in obscure programming languages for outdated platforms. Published my first 16bit game here, just recently . :)

Ninja Blitz

Well designed action puzzler. One of the best c64 games in recent memory. Gonna try the MegaDrive version sometime.

Lovely. It also made me play the original Blitz game for VIC20. Too bad there's no congrats message after lv 99 and it just wraps around. :)

Neat game! Would be nice if the music stays mute once switched off though (and not turn on again after a game over)