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Lovely. It also made me play the original Blitz game for VIC20. Too bad there's no congrats message after lv 99 and it just wraps around. :)

City Bomber remind me City Crusher for VIC-20, the best Blitz style game, in my opinion, after City Bomber 4K of course :)  


I will have a look (if I can find it :). I made my own CB inspired game where you don't crush the city but carefully fire to hit targets and then a final detonator that totals the city in one nice ASCII explosion. :D

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City Crusher, original game, 1983 Your Computer magazine. 

City Crusher Arcade for VIC20 + 3K 

 I'll try soon your game. I like very much blitz style games. 

Added a link to your game in my City Crusher Arcade page.  :)

Thanks. (don't expect too much though ;D)