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molte grazie  ;)

Version 1.2. Minor bug-fix, added a new bonus points.

Added version 1.1 bug fix


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per ora solo questo, non ho altro.  E' solo un giochino semplice, allo stato iniziale.  Sono 30 anni che non provo a scrivere qualcosa per c64. 

thanks :)

Grazie :)

Drop bombs from your flying-saucer to destroy all the buildings, so you can land and get a bonus points.  

50 stages and 9 levels (normal mode)
27 stages and 9 levels  (easy mode).

Thanks :)

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City Crusher Arcade.  For VIC-20 +3K 

Remake of City Crusher., Old VIC-20 Blitz Style game , release in 1983 .

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City Crusher, original game, 1983 Your Computer magazine. 

City Crusher Arcade for VIC20 + 3K 

 I'll try soon your game. I like very much blitz style games. 

Added a link to your game in my City Crusher Arcade page.  :)

City Bomber remind me City Crusher for VIC-20, the best Blitz style game, in my opinion, after City Bomber 4K of course :)  

Great news! :) 

I have an xbox controller for PC. I'll try XPadder. Thank you.

Great game, but there is not a gamepad support?

Please, add hiscore table. An arcade shooter without hiscore, is not complete. :) 

Anyway, Neutron is a great game!

Great shooter! Where is the high score on the title screen?

Nice game and cool graphics! 

Nice game, but there is not Hi-score..