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Great game !

New game for Commodore 64 by Luca Carminati.

Hi, is there any plans to do a Commodore 64 version ? I think this game would sell good.

very good!

Definetly, you got a great game. Controls maybe need some little settings to execute a little better ( specially ladders ). Anyway is greta to play it. Thanks and congrats ! uhh almost firget to mention that music really rocks ! Cool !

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Hi, is this game runs on mameui 0.198?? Thanks in advance.

Dear itchy2, is there a demo to ´publish your game ? so, I will ´romote your game in many facebook channels included mine I run. Greetings !

Interesting concept with hughes orientation to become a great RPG game ! Congrats.

For Windows , Linux ??

When the file to download ?

You did it well. Noggerinos is a waste of time. Take care.

There is an old wise proverb if you don´t have to say something positive about someone or something is better don´t express something. Dear noggerinos, anyone is really free to express own criticism; yes, but positive criticism. Remember that code demands efforts and investment in time to develop a passion to follow a legacy that we love so much, that of developing games for the Commodore 64 in this case. 

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An interesting concept Commocore ! Keep on doing your best.

Nice simple game !

Of course Dear Commocore, we are pasionated gamers. I would help with ideas. I gonna give a try again for sure. Your game deserves to be a huge production. We´ll be in contact. By the way, my account is Greetings.

Lovely game !

Nice game !

Nice concept and character !

Thanks for your game ! It´s pretty entertainment. Cheers !

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Congrats Commocore !  A video in your honor.

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Hi, How can I skip the intro and start playing the game ? I pressed space bar and tects continues without skip them. Thanks in advance. I have noticed recently that d64 file is ok but prg can not a start the game.

So, it is the beggining of this game and then comes the final version on August. Therefore, I can´t wait ! Congrats guys !

Nice work Richard !

Great !!

Awesome game !!

Excellent !

Awesome maze game !

Love the motor sounds !

Nice game !

Better than ever ! Good !

Nice concept ! Great game !

My sincere congrats ! A simple game, but nice graphics and awesome music.

Nice game !!

very good !!!!!

Cool !

Nice game !!! and the music is awesome !!

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I like a lot your proposal ! Not all the games have to be spaceships, fighting and beatem ups. Your game is quite entertainment ! A video in your honor.

Great update Arlasoft ! Congrats and thanks again !

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The best version of this game ! C64 masters wants to congratulate the whole Megastyle team involved in this game. A video in your honor.

Simple and pretty fun ! Cheers !

Awesome game !! Like the story.