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it´s a pleasure to buy and make a video of your games. Share the videos my friend. Best wishes !

Another awesome game that I recommend to buy. As always great game Pinov !

Well, there is no problem about giving my opinion. Sincerely. i like your gaming lookings.

I highly recommend to buy this game. Great game Pinov Vox. 

where is the rom ?

Whwn ? It is taking so long time.

Awesome port game ! Congrats.

Hi ! this is C64 Masters !! I am here to help you in publishing your games if you want. If you to publish al least a demo please let me know and email me at : Cheers !


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Awesome game added to my collection by buying this one ! Congrats to the authors.

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Awesome game ! I highly recommend to buy it !

Thanks Rich  ! We are looking forward for your next productions. As always count with C64 Masters to support your games.  Cheers !

I would really appreciate if you do in nex file. Thanks for your response.

Awesome game !

Thanks for your response. If you want to support you, You can emal me at : in order to support you. Greetings !

When will you release the game ?

Awesome game ! Congrats to TND team & Blazon. A gameplay video in honor of your efforts.

Awesome game !

Any demo file to help you know your game ?

When c64 version ?

Why not a free demo ?

The music is awesome for the Commodore 64 ! 

Awesome version for Commodore Plus/4 ! Great Haplo.

My pleasure.

Awesome version Luca ! A lot of thanks.

Awesome extended version !

Aweosme game !

Nice update !

Hard as a nails but good game !

Awesome !

Great game !

Nice game !

Nice update Luca !

Good game !

Better than ever ! Thanks a lot Fleischgemuese.

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Excellent ! To have a faster support about publishing your game. You can send an email to just only if yu wish so. Thanks !

Awesome RPG game !

Awesome port game !

A gift for christmas ??

Demo file ?