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Birbjam #1 community · Created a new topic Horror game?

I just wanted to be completely sure, am I allowed to make a horror game?

I think the host fell asleep before the Game Jam started...


You actually tricked me. I feel dumb.


i guess the creator hasn't shown the theme yet


So I have absolutely no idea how to make 16 bit music. 

Do I have to? because it would be really stressing for me.

Is there anywhere I can contact you?

I use GMS2. but I don't use the first one. is that okay?

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Yeah sure.  You can message me at my email.

Yeah. I think I do....

oh. I don't do remixes. I make OSTs

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All types.

No i do not require any payment. I am just bored.

Can i do the composing?

I would like to do the composing. if you need any music

I want to be a composer for a game. I don't care what kind of game it is. (unless it is NSFW). I just want to do something. here is my email for contacting me (or just contact me in

Hello! I would be glad to animate for your game! I make 2d animations sometimes. is there anywhere I could email you?

I thought the same thing!

I'm good at doing pixel art on backgrounds and objects.

I'd love to make pixel art for your game. no payment

but it did say free promotion


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I made a game called "Top Down Shooter". It is a little TOO challenging for some people but I hope you like it.

(also be happy if you donate).


wait, how did you manage to post this?

Have questions about gamemaker studio 2?  Well ask me! I will help you with your problem.

Amazing game! loved it.

We are about to start the brainstorming on ideas later. But if you want to, you can start brainstorming ideas right now! 

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Contact me through

my email is


Well your accepted! I don't really plan on making big projects.

Do you still want to join?

Your arcade styled games are amazing! You might be curious on what kind of games we'll be making. But it would depend on the ideas we're brainstorming, so we don't really know yet.

I love this game SO MUCH! The idea of the game is well thought out. and this game sometimes makes me laugh! This game is PANtastic!

Do we have to use a certain engine?

I contacted you at on gmail

and do you work with GML?

Im a little confused on how to contact you. i went to cisinlabs dot com and i couldn't find a way to email you. do you know how?

are you interested in joining? if so, your accepted!