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We missed the deadline but the game is still in development. No demos, as the game didn't really lend itself to being split as such. Hopefully a release (beta or full) will be out before December.


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We have one background artist but we'd like more locations if possible. Game takes place in a school setting.

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We're not currently recruiting for such position but I'll put you in queue to contact for if something opens up in the future.

And rework it we shall. We're dropping the RPG side style stuff, which honestly disappoints me but is also a realistic expectation for a project of this size being done in this time frame. I'll have more info on what this all means soon but it shouldn't affect anyone's current assignments.

BTW, I've got now through the entirety of October freed up last week, in case anyone was wondering.

I'm going to work on getting us a new place before the 1st, keep an eye out.

Welcome aboard, jellophish.

Felicia doesn't need her hat when in uniform, it was an efficiency thing that she ended up with it on the concepts we released. Keeping in mind on drawing her is that her most prominent feature is her smile.

Jessica, I guess the shorter fringe would allows for more expression. Although, I'm kind of conflicted on that since she's kind of cold and unexpressive to begin with. I'll defer to the opinions of others.

Chief's general shape and pose feels more like Natalia, Natalia being a shorter though. I imagine the chief as being a bit more filled out, broader in shoulders, a less lean waist. If say, hypothetically our MC were to surprise her and jump into her arms in a CG, I'd like her to be convincingly be able to hold her. Then you know it's not an accident when she drops her for saying something foolish.

Her 2nd pose is very cool but I think she should be more upright and forward facing, more respectable. Closer to http://imgur.com/a/7mFDt

As of now, it's more of a cool, picking up girls pose and that's basically Natalia 24/7.

MC, I'm a bit conflicted on. It's a great poser but also a bit more punctual than I see her, at least by default. I was thinking she should be more laid back and carefree and have a secondary pose for the actual interview process. I was also thinking she would use a cell phone as a mic to record the girls talking and then transcribe it later, so her pose would be holding out the phone towards the interviewee. But, scribbling down on a note pad could be viable too. I'd like to know what others think.

Finally, I'll just say in general to not be too afraid to exaggerate things in this story's universe, especially expressions. There is an over-the-top line but it's a relatively animated setting where silly things can happen.

If I can't find anyone by next monday, we'll rework the game.

Putting consideration into dropping the RPG style and using a menu travel driven system in the event that we can't find artists for that part of the game soonish. Thoughts? Objections?

Okay, we've got all the supported windows versions between us. Does anyone use a Mac or a Linux distro?

Okay, we got 2 versions of desktop windows between you and I.

What about everyone else?

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What OS is everyone here using? Is everyone here using a PC or a form of laptop?

My last 48 hours have gone pretty sour, I'm going to try working out some outlines and plans come tuesday/wednesday that I meant to get done yesterday and today. Sorry everyone for the silence, please keep tight!

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What I was thinking was, you would interview each girl a couple of times in regular VN style and then once you got friendly with them, they'd invite you somewhere they like for the final interview. Rhaelyn would take you to a poolside, Dee would get you backstage to one of her concerts, Natalia would take you to a nostalgic drive-in restaurant, Chloe to an arcade, Jessica to her estate, Felicia on a picnic and Kiki out shopping or something else. General ideas anyway.

Yes, I would like one or two with the club president (who I've been calling "Chief" in my head all day). You've got the right idea on their relationship, with the MC being the fumble minded one, I don't know if it needs a CG but I can picture it too. I think I also want some sort of good ending with the two of them that is suggestive towards a real relationship between them, either subtly or direct in a comedic way.

That was my idea anyhow.

>I think, considering they're minor characters, it's not something to worry about too much about(?).

More or less.

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Well, if I can adjust the hues of the hair colors and skin tones, along with two different uniform types, I think that wouldn't be too problomatic? More so than hairstyles and colors, everyone being the same general height and weight would be a bigger problem I think. This was noticeable in cherry tree, where all the adults were the same height as the students. Circumventing this might end up making too much work.

On the other hand, a walking animation one direction vs three. If we really had to, a profile walk can even be animated dynamically.

That's how I see it, at least.

Welcome BΓ‘iYΓΉ. Hopefully we'll have an idea of what we want to do for odd-jobs soon.

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I think it might be more economical to go to a side roaming view rather than a top down. This worked in Cherry Tree High Comedy Club very well, I think. That game also combined all the styles I want to do:

Free Roaming

VN Style


We can stay here for the moment, if things get worse, we'll move out.

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In general, I am fine with this breakdown of the work load if you two are. I want to iron out the details of what needs to be done however, as I am still undecided myself.

I do agree that letting the facial expressions do most of the work for the VN sprites.

Wow, now I'm getting CAPTCHA'd to post too. One of those really annoying pick out a bunch of images ones.


I'll check it out.

>Personally I would vote against voice acting - I find it tacky, plus it would be a lot of extra work.

Low priority anyway, so I doubt it was going to happen.

>Also looking forward to making connections that will last outside of the game jam!

This is good too.

Anyone else having a heck of time with this forum? It's very laggy and a lot of my key presses go unregistered. Also, sometimes when I hit backspace, it send my browser back.

If anyone else is having problems, perhaps another option should be used.

Hello Rai. Do you have some where I we can take a look at your work?

Also, how did you find us, out of curiousity.

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>That's a lot of art!

It really is, so I'm very open to cutting it down and reducing work load in creative ways.

>though it'd depend on how detailed/complex the scene is.

I think we'll be forgiven if they aren't super detailed. I'd like to brainstorm on efficient ways we can present things.

>I've never done CG specifically before, but I assume it's similar to illustrations?

It's just a full screen image, with background and all.

>each person will have one sitting and one standing pose?

Undecided. I was looking at this earlier for reference, #2: http://www.wikihow.com/Film-Interviews

They don't show a lot of body, maybe too little but I can't really argue with the wisdom. It would be less to draw.

>I'm curious too, what kind of art style do you want?

I think more anime/cartoonish. My universe is quite animated and exaggerated. This would give more emote for facial expressions, which I think will be important here.

>Also, what are you doing for background

Undecided but I'm thinking there might only really need to be one, fairly basic background for the VN style (the interview room). If we use VN models anywhere else, we can just dim the RPG screen when they're talked to.

I've posted two new threads, one asking about aspirations, where we can discuss what our goals for this project are and get in line with each other. Another talking about the work I estimate needs done. There's a lot there but I think it's better to ask a lot now and scale down as necessary.

I will work on game design, plot and more threads as we start to get things gelling.

I'd like to know what everyone wants to bring to the project and get an idea of what is realistic for the scope of it.


I have my own engine that I am mostly comfortable with its stability and usability for this.


My writing skills are fairly novice but I do feel I can put a story together and I have a fairly decent idea of the plot I would like to do and how I would like for the story mechanics to work. I've also conceptualized most of the characters that will be featured in the game, as well as the setting.

Game Design

I have a rough idea of how I want to make the game that I'll put in a separate thread.


Obviously we'll need some music, how much I am not yet sure. Ideally I would have a few themes for different moods and situations. For sound effects, I think we might be able to get away with some creative commons resources but if someone feels differently, I'm all ears. It would be great to have voice acting but I think that's probably outside the realistic scope here, as I don't even know if that's something that will be in the main game.


For my full intentions, we would have 3 art sets for this game, divided up amongst as many or more artist. VN Style characters with multiple poses and expressions with background art, RPG style walking sprites and decor and finally full CGs. This will be a lot of work, especially with the 8~9 or so characters I'd like to include, so it is something I am prepared to scale down on all fronts.

Part of the reason I'd like to have an RPG walking around element to the game is that I think people will be more forgiving talking to small sprites that aren't very expressive than talking to VN style characters who aren't doing much expressing. Also, since there's only two school uniforms, two generic bases with some swappable hair and colors could fill up 99% of the school. This would allow us to talk to minor characters without having to do a full VN scene with full drawings for everyone. However, this element of the game could be cut if it is deemed not feasible.

For the VN characters, I think I've already got an excuse to keep them from reposing too much. Since the game is about interviews, the characters will likely be in a camera or in front of a mic and would be asked to sit or stand naturally, most people aren't particularly animated in this situation, I think. My feeling is that we could get away with 1 to 2 poses and X amount of facial expressions if we plan out appropriately. Still, with 7+ interviewees that could still be ~14 bases, so let's try to figure out what's feasible here. As for our main character, I think we can get away with a bust or maybe even higher, if we keep her down in the lower corner of the screen. She should maybe have a wider array of expressions since we'll be seeing her a lot.

Full CGs may be the biggest pipe dream but if possible, I'd like to have one for each of the 7 interviewees plus 2~3 more. This is mainly to give the girls something special/fun to do on their last interview session without having to create a bunch of 1 time use assets for the other art set. This is certainly something that can be cut.

So to recap, my estimations are


7 bodies based on my characters with up to 2 poses a piece and X facial expressions.

1 bust of our main character for the game.


Two uniform bases, walking up, down and left.

Generic head with X hair styles.

Skin Hues and Hair Hues that are adjustable.


About 10, with 2 characters a piece.

Please discuss with me what's too much here, what's too little. These are just my estimates.

In addition to this, we will need some GUI work and design.

Let me know anything I missed and what you feel you could contribute.

I'd like to know what everyone has in mind to get out of this project. For me personally, this is a learning experience in producing a game, an opportunity to get something released and an effort to bolster interest in my future project set within the same universe.

Good morning/afternoon.

Going to go take care of daily stuff and eat, then get to work making some threads here.

Hello Laris.

Unfortunately, I'm about to fall asleep but hopefully we can pick up tomorrow and I'll put up some topics to brainstorm over.

Hello, this will be our free chat thread and a place where we can all get to know each other a bit!