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Just go to the stove and you can cook any meal that give them the passive or positive status effects.

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In the village, axe, pickaxe and fishing rod are required before you going to Mushroom Wood. Just open the map and the dots are shown up. The lures can found at items shop.

Love your music so much! Can I use them for non-commercial game projects? I credit you in my game.

Thank you for playing my game! I am glad you like my epic game ever made in my life.

Hi, Xanderwood!

Please play my second game I released for Christmas. Go and download at

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


Thank you very much! Downloaded now and I could use it for my game.

Hell there! I made my game for many years ago and I want you to play my game: Final Fantasy Golden Stories Ace is a very huge but classy Jrpg just like classic FF 1-6. So, here is my indie game's link: Final Fantasy Golden Stories Ace.

Happy Halloween and stay safety.

Well, hello! I am creator of the games using RPG Maker program series. Nice to meet you.

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Sure why not? My Discord is: FalconLulu#7677

Did you have Discord?

Just deleted too many maps orders thread so I ask anyone to create the two apartment rooms map for RPG Maker MV game. Thanks.

Okay. Good luck!

Thank you! Any plans for generator parts in the future?

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A Gift of the Star Fairy -The Visual Drama Game-

Name: A Gift of the Star Fairy -The Visual Drama Game-
Genre: Romance, Otome, RPG
Theme: Christmas, male harem
Engine: RPG Maker MV

The main setting of the game will be in Reiwa era.

You are worked at Hoshimachi Inc. business company inherited by your late parents and you're now promoted as a film director of upcoming Christmas romance drama "A Gift of the Star Fairy". However, the business company is at the edge of bankruptcy due to the lack of experience and your director died of heart attack. In order to save your parent's company and your favorite drama television series, you meet two potential love interests of wealthy Kizaki family.

Kizaki Raizo, 26 year old CEO of electronic company Daidenchi Inc. with extreme good-looking, and Kizaki Yuuta, 23 year old teacher with shy and gentle.

Now without any choice, you've been fell in love for the first time and you start to live a new life at Kizaki brother's private apartment to spend the Christmas night with your perfect mates.

And so, the new romantic life on the starry night is now begin.

Age Rating:
This fangame's age rating is M for Mature  (17+) to have content that may be generally suitable for those aged 17 years and up.

May contain Strong Sexual Content, Nudity, Moderate Language, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol.

And now, to Position/Roles Needed:

I am looking for someone to create the Christmas-themed modern-day map that inspired by Tokyo city in Reiwa era for my short game. When you done, send me the game project file along with tilesets and I'll give you a credit.

Artist: Mainly I am looking for artist with talent in drawing Japanese anime-style visual novel-like original characters (one female heroine and two male main characters), mostly two male characters has extreme good-looking pretty faces.

Composer: No needed! A very nice, calm and romantic original music with Christmas tone (jazzy, emotional and gentle music) from Purple Planet Royalty Free Music.

Theme Song: Looking for male singer with soothing voice to singing in Japanese for OP and ED theme songs.

And for my Roles: I'm doing writing, events and using plugin to give a nice-looking story. This is the unpaid free game project and I am sure that the whole team will say about my game project because I don't need money, just for free.

Please visit RPG Maker Forums for more:  A Gift of the Star Fairy (Short Visual Novel/RPG Game)

Link: A Gift of the Star Fairy (still in development)

My Discord: FalconLulu#7677

Final Fantasy Golden Stories

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I'm Megumi Aramaki, but you can call me Megululu-chan, LittleLulu or Lulu. I love watching anime, films, television series and playing video games. I'm a fan of Final Fantasy, RPG Maker, Megaman series or sometime visual novels. I am the amateur artist, creator, designer, director and game-maker of my free-to-play fan games with RPG Maker VX/Ace/MV/MZ (soon to be added). 

LittleLulu Falcon Emblem is my studio for making RPG games, action-adventure games and otome/romance games. I am really enjoying the Final Fantasy-based fangame with new story setting which either high fantasy or sci-fi genres since my first game has been released. I am also creating action-adventure platform/turn-based game genres that may looks like Mega Man or Sonic.

Moreover, I'm passionate with the cute, soft and fluffy otome/romance visual novel/RPG hybrid games, focus on generally romance genre.

The genre of choice: Action-adventure, platform, RPG, light otome/romance with or without NSFW.

I can make the game alone or finding the team to create the games for fans just for fun and free.

Nice to meet you all!

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This Hill (Grass) should be here. Maybe I can fix this by replacing this with forest as visible Mushroom Wood location.

Edited! Now with forest instead of hill/grass along with minor fixing, you can download it now and tell me if you find any bugs or errors.