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Anxiety Monster

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Hey! I've made stuff in Construct before. Still do, but the course is helpful for getting me familiar with Unity. 

I really liked the 3d platformer course most so far. I felt like I personally didn't get equipped with the FPS course to tackle my final project. a

Overall, I like it though.


Thank you for trying it out and for commenting. I'm glad you found it emotional. I'll be updating it at the end of the month and early next month.

Thank you! That means a lot. I think we're going to revisit this topic in a future game. We're talking about it now. 

I hope you didn't experience any lag by the way, since I've been notified that some older laptops weren't running the game well at all.

I've been there and totally understand. I'd love to play those other two chapters. Are you planning on finishing it? Hopefully you do since the game feels really good to play. I'll give you a follow. 

I'm having trouble with your download. 
When I click to download, I don't receive a zip folder. Instead I download an opened folder called "Game" that contains a font file, and a Unix app that auto opens my terminal. I would love to try your game.

This game is very polished and professional. The art, sounds, and feel are all high quality. The platforming segments feels good, are lightly challenging, while also keeping me confident that I'll succeed. I like the gliding mechanic, it's limited use, and the introduction of the leaves. I think as a platformer, this can be expanded. 

Fantastic work. 

For this jam's theme however, I wonder how different your game would've been if your story was prioritized over a few levels. 

Hope you update it and share it with me again. :) 

I actually REALLY enjoyed this! A few years back, I made a similar political game for the 2017 Resist Jam. It was about the Mexican-American boarder wall, and I called it On The Other Side. I'm just mentioning it because your game reminded me of it. 

I really liked your art, the message, and the information you provided. I learned a lot. Very very cool job you did here. 

The art, sounds, and speed of the character's movement all combine generate a really haunting short experience. It's depressing and hopeless, then again this real life situation feels that way, too. 

Good job. 

Really strong idea! I think there's potential to grow it. Maybe there can be additions to help people reflect on how they personally view or avoid the issue in their real life.

I look forward to that, so I'll give you a follow :)

Your game's presentation, music, and feel are really great. I love the concept behind your tutorial, and how seamless you made your home screen, being able to jump to the tutorial or main game. Very clever. 

Fun puzzle game. You've got some great pacing with introducing new challenges. I wish the damage you take from an enemy was a bit more forgiving though. Instakill is fine, but having to start all over and redo the same puzzle after my 2nd death was a bit frustrating. I imagine that if I could have checkpoints scattered throughout the level, I'd enjoy even more. Good job!

Beautiful art and music. I really hope you get to finish this. 

haha thank you! Hope you got the end

When you do that, please let me know! 

Very fun game. I kinda wish you explore this a bit more in the future. 

Thanks a lot for coming back! If I expand it, I think these difficult levels should be more like bonus levels for players that want a bigger challenge. And thanks about the boss. I realllly wish I had more time there. 

Thanks a lot for playing it and for the nice comments. 
I wish i had the time to test the difficulty on friends.
Appreciate the feedback.
If you'd like to give it another shot, there's a Skip feature. You just need to press the S and K keys. 
Way more ideas are introduced, including a boss battle. The game's difficulty drops every time a new mechanic is introduced, so I hope you get a chance to try them. :)

Please keep me posted if your team makes edits :)

Loved the art and idea. I can picture this game having a visual timer in the form of landing on the ground, with maybe a score quota. A free dive mode can be a thing and pretty much be exactly what you presented. Cool stuff. Great job!

Thank you! That really means a lot

Thanks a lot! Puzzle games weren't my thing either, but for some reason I liked making them. Appreciate you giving it time. :)

Thank you! They're based on my actual, easily distracted dogs. 

Very cool concept, fun indicator when you're about to change genres, challenging, and honestly addictive. I would maybe make the opening a bit easier and gradually build the difficulty. I'm curious to see what a boss would be like that flips genres.