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Anxiety Monster

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Thank you! They're based on my actual, easily distracted dogs. 

Very cool concept, fun indicator when you're about to change genres, challenging, and honestly addictive. I would maybe make the opening a bit easier and gradually build the difficulty. I'm curious to see what a boss would be like that flips genres. 

Thanks a lot!!! Can't walk your dogs today without wearing a mask.

Thanks a lot for the comment. First, I'm glad you played it and enjoyed it. Also, thanks for letting me know about the bug you encountered. Were you using a Mac or PC, and was it a laptop or desktop, and were you playing on a keyboard or gamepad?
I only got to test on one device, a PC laptop, so for me it worked well with keyboards and gamepads. 

Wow!!! Thanks so much. Reading this made my night. 

Thanks for playing it, the nice workds, and for the feedback. Yeah, I plan on adding a few microgames with different variants. For now, I have 2 button mashers, one where you have to hold down a button, and one where you have press the button at the right time. I also want to randomize them. 

This is a really cool concept! I dig it!

Hey Tom! Thanks a lot for playing it, for the nice comments, and for the feedback. I'm gonna for sure polish it and include those suggestions.

Thank you so much!!!! Means a ton!

Thanks so much for playing it, for the nice comments, and for the feedback! Yes, as soon as the voting process ends, I'm gonna polish it and incorporate that idea. 

Thanks a lot. That's a good idea. I'll toy around with some things to make it crystal clear at the start of the game. Appreciate the feedback :)

Thanks so much, Juan!!! Super cool feedback. 

Yeah, I'll definitely play with the animations as soon as the voting period is over. That's really valuable.

Thanks so much! Were you able to keep all 4 dogs at the end? 

I played your game and understand your questions.
There are totally ways to do all of these things, we just have think about for a bit. 

For now, I'll address your first question. I noticed there's a collision issue with the objects. I found this video really helpful. It talks about solving this very same problem. I hope it helps you out.

congrats on the first game!

VERY COOL!!! Turn this into a game. These mechanics are awesome!

This was really fun! I couldn't actually catch the UFO. Not sure if you can, but seeing UFO sprite scale up definitely encouraged me to try a few times. Nice work!

Thanks so much for checking out the game and for the Let's Play. It's an honor. I'll be sure to share this on my social media pages. :)

I think the concept is brilliant. The art style and use of cats can attract so many people, raising awareness for the issue. The dialogue was well written, and the ability to choose to keep your cool during the situation is great. I'm glad some characters react to that. Great great great job!

Thank you very much! That means a ton. It's very much a work in progress. I hope to gamify more, fix the dialogue, and lock the player on dialogue.