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Hello, that was the old game jam version of MY DAUGHTER IS A CULTIST! SE. Those downloads have been disabled to stop confusion regarding the visuals and upgrades to the gameplay. Please send me an email and I can help.

Thank you for playing and sharing your experience!

This is fun! Nice concept, unique for wordgames

Thank you sinner! 

We will be making a steam update in the future! Thank you! 

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Hi, this is a legacy project. The full game will be coming out in October and we will create another page for that version on Itch. Io. If you would like updates please wishlist DEVIL DEVOUR ALIVE DX on steam

nice game! good work, I think it missed music but nice for a game jam game. I liked that you could change the skin of the character. Thanks for sharing on our discord.

Hi, there are no downloads. This is a page to showcase music videos we have made. 

You can view them via

Hi, sorry to hear this. Would you mind sharing your computer specs, mainly the processor and graphics card? 

I'm glad you enjoyed what you were able to play. 

Thank you! We are working on a commercial version of our game "Devil Devour Alive". 

Thank you 💙

Thanks for playing our game! I really enjoyed your video, thanks for taking the time to make it.

Sorry you are having issues with it. I will look into it. Thanks for the nice comments! 

Hi, thanks for interest in our software. It has only been tested 3 years ago on the oculus rift software back then. 

We have not tried using valve index or steam VR. If you get it working, please let us know how! 

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

Clearly! Hope you enjoy the game! 

Nice game. I like the chomping sounds. Really fun!

Great game!

Awesome Little game! Very fun

Oh ok. I'm not sure if it would be mobile compatible, but I could give it a try. We're working on other pprojects at this time, but I'll see what I can do.

Hi, we don't have an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 to test it on. Please test it and let us know if it works!

Thanks! Glad you liked it

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The gamedev subreddit is pretty good just make e sure you're not only posting your stuff 

I would say use reddit or imgur. Reddit gets a lot of views for relatively low amount of upvotes on popular subreddits. I posted my devlog

And it got many views a quite a few downloads 

Thank you! We always accept donations on all of our games 😉

Thanks for playing and the donation! Means a lot to us, glad you liked it. 

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Awesome. So much work done. Goodluck! 

Also sorry that was a glitch! You did win but It didn't show you the win screen. I'm unsure why everyone else who won got the win screen. Sorry about that

Thanks for playing and the video!

So very strange. Needs a bit of polish but overall pretty good 

Serving warm drinks to snowmen seems bizzare. Very cute game. Now I want a latte

Hahaha. Thanks for this strange hard core bro fest. Just melt your friends with Fire and get to fist pumping! 

Love how this looks! The character design isn't my favourite but I get you were going for a specific look. Nice work 

Looks awesome. Love interacting with everything. Nice work 

Pretty cool game. Would have liked some music but u got a lot done in the small amount of time

Wacky game. The snowman had me lol. Pretty fun

Nice game. Very hard lol

Pretty cool, love how it looks and how bizzare it feels

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Thanks for commenting on my game sorry it took me so long to get to play your game and reciprocate. Wierd! Liked it overall. Def strange and funny

Nice puzzle game. Seems polished and the music is relaxing