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Very simple game yet very entertaining and good looking. The graphics look very cute even if they are simple. Good job!

I just released my new game today. It's a puzzle-platformer with procedural generated puzzles.

The game is simple, destroy all blocs to beat the map! To destroy a bloc you just have to jump on it. Good luck!

The game is not working, it says "data folder not found".

Thanks for playing the game!

That's a really high score, good job!

But you will have to play more if you want to be number 1! This is my high score:

Thanks for the feedback!

Escape button it's used to exit fullscreen by default on the web version. This is why I used enter. I would like to change it to scape but I will have to disable the fullscreen option.

As for shooting while in pause you are totally right! Thats a bug that I discovered yesterday, but thanks for repporting. I was planning to fix it on the next update.

I followed you on twitter but I can't send DM to you. Maybe you have to follow me back? I just started using twitter now and I don't know much about it. When I can send DM I'll be glad to tell you how it works.

Thanks for your feedback, you are helping me to improve the gameplay a lot. I've updated the game following your instructions. More details here:

Thank you! I really appreciate it :).

The neon style of the game looks really nice.

The controls feel a little bit odd. The camera seems to be too near and the movement it's very very fast. It was really hard to control.

I've made some changes to the game taking into account your feedback. More details here:

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Thanks a lot for your feedback. This is a very early prototype and I plan to make lot's of improvements based on player's feedback.

I take note of your comments and try to fix them on the next update!

Nice game! I enjoyed a lot playing it, good job! 

It reminded me a lot about Doom, one of my fauvorite games from all time! 

In fact the game title is drawn in a Doom style tittle letters right?


My name is Daniel, I am working as a programmer in a Travel Company and I make simple videogames with Game Maker Studio 2 as a hobby. I like to make simple arcade games in 2D. 

In my profile you will see the games I've made or currently developing. For now there are only three games but I plan to do more in the future.

Cannon Ball

Good, how can I contact you so we can discuss and plan what kind of project are we going to make?

Thanks for your comment!

I am interested to join, don't mind doing any kind of game as long as the project scope it's small :).

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it. I love this kind of short horros games, good job with that jump scares!


I'm a programmer that make simple arcade games but always have a hard time doing the sprites myself because I'm not good at drawing, and also I want to focus on improving my programming skills.

Interested mainly in pixel art sprites for 2D games done with Game Maker Studio 2.


I like to make simple arcade games that are fun to play for a while. Would like to try my games and get some feedback from it. If you like them and play it at your channel it would be great!

Any feedback about improvements it's always wellcome

I like doing small arcade games but I would like to have some nice sprites to put into games. 

Here you can check my games

I am mainly interested in pixel art style for retro arcade games.

Hello, I use Game Maker Studio 2 to make small arcade games like this ones that I have here on

Depending on the project I might be interested, as I want to try new ideas and things with game maker.

Interesting game idea! Like the mechanics of this game. Nice job!

I like the new updates, this one in particular "On death, game is reverted to previous level instead of full reset". I hope that now I can complete the game to the end!

Good game, love the pixel art style! I found the game a little bit hard, but I am a bad player!

I love Doom like games. This game has good potential. I see it's still in beta and some things need polishment but it's a good start and good game concept!

Simple but cute fun game!

Thanks for your comment! :)

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Thanks for your comment! I will make more levels and will try to make the game more pretty.

Good job. I think that you came up with a pretty solid game in the end. Even if the game it's simple I think that it's a very solid game and it's enjoyable to play it. The gameplay it's fun and challengin, I'm pretty sure that people that like this kind of arcade action games will love to play it!

Nice game! Simple gameplay and very cute pixel art!

Nice game! I love the pixel art style and the animations, it reminded me the old Castelvania. The mechanics are simple but fun at the same time. Also like the parallax effect with various layers, it gives to the game a great atmosphere. The music fits the game very well. Good job! Would like to see more levels in the game!

Fantastic, great gameplay, graphics and music!

282 puntos!

The game stopped spawning dying pixels at the score of 7, waited for a while and nothing happened.

I played the web version, don't know what to do at the second level. Placed the two blocs on the green rectangle but nothing happened.

The game is simple but fun to play. The graphics even if built with single geometric forms look nice with that neon feeling.

I found a bug when the enemies get to the edge of the screen. They get like suck there making very strange movements. It do not happens always, but has happened to me a few times.

Very good idea and interesting game, keep the work on!

Arcade game where you must survive dodging the balls that appear on the screen. There are power ups that spawn periodically and grant you with abilities that allow you to destroy balls and stay alive longer. Try to reach the highest score!

I would like some feedback to make improvements!

Game page:

Screenshoot of the game: