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Thanks for your words, Glad you liked! I know the game it's sad, but of course there will be future games with a more "positive" thematic. This was released for "Once Upon a Blue Monday: A Sad Game Jam" so it was the main point was to make it sad.

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Sounds good! Let's talk on discrod if you want (Dukebot#9874)

This is a very interesting topic. I've made lot of research about mentall illness and I know close people who suffers from them. I am always willing to learn more about psycology and psychiatrist so I can understand better and help people, and also, help myself with better understanding of human nature and brain. I know that in society it's a bit of taboo but mental health affects all of us.  I think that everyone is mental ill or have some personality disorder to some degree. Always thought that with videogames there can be a way to help people, but I still need to learn more about GameDev/Psychology/Mental Helath so I can do it properly. Maybe in a near future I can do it when I get more experience.

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Yeah that would be very nice :). Can you add me on Discord?


Cool music! Can you add me on discord? Dukebot#9874

Do you have discord so we can talk? Add me Dukebot#9874

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the experience :).

El plaer ha estat mutu! Moltes gràcies per la teva aportació.

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Pretty original and fun concept! I enjoyed playing this game. A bit difficult for me because I suck, but I had fun anyway! Tha graphics and music are nice :).

This game is nice! I really like the two button concept because it makes the controls very simple. I enjoyed exploring this dark space even if I got lost plenty of times. I love the lighting effects of the rocket, they are quite cool!

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Hello, could you review the last game I made

I will check your games aswell.

Thanks and have a nice day! :)

Thank you for playing it and for your words :). It's much appreciated.

Very interesting concept and nice puzzles. I had fun playing this. Also the the game colors and music are nice.

Very interesting concept and nice puzzles. I had fun playing this. Also the the game colors and music are nice.

Sorry about that, I am going to edit the post and add it.

Thanks for such kind words, this means a lot to us. We are very happy that you enjoyed the experience :).

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Blue Sunday is a sad story about someone who struggles to understand his past. He founds himself into a weird world, plenty of familiar faces around him, a silent dispair will take you away from the real world. Dont die, get out and remember.

This project was made for the "Once Upon a Blue Monday: A Sad Game Jam" that lasted the month of january. Looking for some feedback!

Thanks for playing and for your nice words. Glad you liked!

Ok I added you on Discord. I'm Dukebot#9874

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Do you have discord?  If not, we're I can contact you and talk? 

I never made a game in Java but I know the language well as I maintained for 4 years an app made in Java. I Also studied Java at university and made some programs handling multiple threads, concurrency and that stuff... But I don't remember much of that. I will have to refresh a bit!


Add me on DIscord and let's talk. Dukebot#9874

I sent you a discord request aswell!

Also, when I load the game, my clothes convert to the default ones, and I have to gather leather to make clothes again or buy job uniform again!

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I had a nice time playing this game! Managed to collect almost the 10000 coins to pay the doctor. For me the fastet way was to cut wood and then selling it, the jobs felt too slow to farm money, but I don't know if there was a faster way.

The game crashed at some point with a pop up in the navigator telling me something about out of memory. I can send you screenshoot of the error message if you want. Anyway I had a nice time playing the game and probably I will try again to see further things.

Good job.

PD: The music was awesome!

There is no disturbing images. I downloaded the game in an old computer to test it. There aren't any disturbing images but I don't know if the game has a virus. The computer works fine after playing the game but I don't know if it's infected.

You can try 7-zip program, it's free and able to extract zip, rar and other compressed files. It works really well.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

I would like to play it but I saw on reddit that this game has a virus.

Great simple game, fun and entertaining.

Everything about this game is great! Had a lot of fun playing this, the gameplay is really nice.

Very simple game yet very entertaining and good looking. The graphics look very cute even if they are simple. Good job!

I just released my new game today. It's a puzzle-platformer with procedural generated puzzles.

The game is simple, destroy all blocs to beat the map! To destroy a bloc you just have to jump on it. Good luck!

The game is not working, it says "data folder not found".

Thanks for playing the game!

That's a really high score, good job!

But you will have to play more if you want to be number 1! This is my high score:

Thanks for the feedback!

Escape button it's used to exit fullscreen by default on the web version. This is why I used enter. I would like to change it to scape but I will have to disable the fullscreen option.

As for shooting while in pause you are totally right! Thats a bug that I discovered yesterday, but thanks for repporting. I was planning to fix it on the next update.

I followed you on twitter but I can't send DM to you. Maybe you have to follow me back? I just started using twitter now and I don't know much about it. When I can send DM I'll be glad to tell you how it works.

Thanks for your feedback, you are helping me to improve the gameplay a lot. I've updated the game following your instructions. More details here:

Thank you! I really appreciate it :).

The neon style of the game looks really nice.

The controls feel a little bit odd. The camera seems to be too near and the movement it's very very fast. It was really hard to control.

I've made some changes to the game taking into account your feedback. More details here: