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Appreciate the nod!  Sorry for not posting back, kinda got a bit sullen over the lack of attention on  I'll try to be more of a presence here in the new year.  Meanwhile, have you got a Switch, cuz guess where THIS piggy is headed?

Only played though once, need to try again!  Held onto 2 dogs, but wasn't sure what to do with the first two, so I lost 'em.  Might want to add a quick 'freeze prompt' to let players know what each button does, then start the game after they've 'hit any button to continue'!

That was a helluva lotta fun!  Really kewl look, love the music as well!

Posted my first game in April and have yet to intro myself...weird.  Hi, I'm Neil LaPointe, proprietor of LaPointe Joints!  Currently I've got one game on offer, a sick lil' twin-stick shooter called GUNPIG: Firepower For Hire.

It does occur to me (should've occurred to me before I posted, sorry) that having a game bundle meant to support the legal defense of protesters with a game called 'GUNPIG' in it (regardless of the games's an arcade shooter with a wee piggy character, hence the name) MIGHT be seen as tone-deaf.  I volunteer it still, but I leave it to your discretion whether or not to include it.  If you don't, please let me know if there's any other way I can support the bundle.  Thanks!

If it can help, sure, here's my game:

Demo versions should be available within a week or so, Mac and PC.  Never occurred to me to do demos for an indie game, but you're the 4th or 5th person to ask.  This will be a standard going forward for all my game projects unless some technical element prevents it.  Thanks!

Can't give a bullet point breakdown, but lemme hit you with a few notes.  Given out a bunch o' keys, hit up Destructoid, Jimquisition (Conrad Z. asked for some updgrades to the game that we're implementing), Canada Game Devs, and Big Red Barrel  (I know one of the lads on the show).  In addition to the news sites I've been getting keys to some friends in the industry and asking 'em to spread the word...can't name names but guys who have a huge following on Twitter and FB for their work in animation and game culture in general.  

 Never even HEARD of Keymailer or the partner program...I'll look into these, and check out your post for more guidance.  This is all super stuff, really helping out.  Thanks!

ACK!  My dumbass alert is blinkin' like mad...added a link.  Thanks!

Couple o' demo levels, eh?  Right, added to the list.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, promoting aggressively, sent review keys out to several suggested indie game review sites.  One thing I have neglected is to create a company site...that'll be up in the next few weeks.

And yes, I'm aware...'build it and they will come' just doesn't apply to game development.  God, Ninja Theory's 'Enslaved' and Ubi's 'Beyond Good and Evil' were largely ignored.  Just trying to establish a baseline for performance of a typical indie game on this platform so I can adjust my plan of attack accordingly.  And even if no one plays the game, I've still made the game I set out to make, and I'm damn proud of it.  However, that's not gonna stop me from pestering the press.  Again, thanks for the wise words!

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Need some assistance here.  I published my first indie game GUNPIG a week ago today, and the response has been, well, abysmal.   94 views and 19 downloads with revenue and sales that are essentially non-existent. was highly recommended by a fellow developer, but (external promotions notwithstanding, and I have been pounding the digital pavement HARD to get the game noticed) the attention to the game has been next to nothing even after following all the the site's best practices.  So, advice from other devs with multiple games or anybody who has seen some success on this I doing something wrong?  Is there a resource that I'm missing, any recommendations to garner more attention?  Am I simply being impatient?  Or is there some other aspect I'm missing?  Any and all info is appreciated...I didn't spend 4 years of weekends and stolen time making this to have it die on the vine.  Thanks.

Hey!  Just posted my new game GUNPIG, a fast arcade style top-down twin-stick shooter.  9 weapons, 3 alt. fires to use over 8 levels loaded with enemies, collectibles and special hidden bonuses!  Music by Mike Mirabello (Tower of Guns, MotherGunship) with a bonus track by the Mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder.  Available now!  And of course, all constructive criticism is welcome.  Enjoy!

Is there a tip jar that I can chuck bux into after giving this a shot, making sure it's the right tool for the jerb?